Lady in the Chair

Several years ago, the kids and I lived in a small 3 bedroom house in a place called Jenny’s Creek. From the first night there, I knew there was something not right about this place. Even some friends that are entirely not sensitive to the paranormal agreed that something wasn’t right. I’d see things and hear things at all hours of the day and night. The kids (then 5 and 6) would see and hear things also. This particular story takes place at night, following an extremely “active” day for paranormal activity.

This day, I had been getting ready for Christmas as I had a day off work and the kids were in school. From the early morning, things had been thrown off counters and walls, there were thumps and footsteps. I even got pushed once coming down the hall, albeit, not hard enough to hurt me. That night, I got the kids into the bath and then bed and read them a story before turning out the lights.

I was rather tired myself and so I turned in a little while later. In the hall was this green chair. It was a kind of regal old chair with old fashioned legs ending in claw feet. The color was emerald, striped with alternating shiny and dull cloth. The chair was in the house when we got there and I thought it was interesting and so I kept it. After turning a small nightlight on in the hall, I checked in on the kids and went to bed with a good book.

After only a few minutes I started hearing thumps and so on. As I mentioned, this had been happening all day and really didn’t bother me much. After a while, I started hearing actual voices. Now, this was much different than what I was used to and it bothered me a bit. I listened for a bit and could hear laughing, very quietly. I went to my bedroom door and looked down the hall and saw someone sitting in the green chair, just as plain as if it had you or I.

Now, to give you a better picture, the hallway was laid out thus, coming from the living room, on the right, was the chair, facing the opposite wall, then, on the left was my son’s room, then the bathroom on the right, my bedroom, again on the right, and then my daughter’s room at the very rear of the hall. As I looked out, I looked to my left to see the chair, and the lady sitting in it. At my gasp of surprise, she turned to look at me and had this grin on her face.

*Jeeze, that grin was almost my undoing. It was so evil. She looked at me and grinned and looked directly into my son’s room. That chilled my spine. I immediately went to his room, even though I had to go within 2 or 3 feet of that woman, and I lifted my son into my arms and took him into my room and laid him on the bed. I came back out to get my daughter and looked back at the chair and she was still there, still grinning, only bigger this time.

I could actually see her teeth, half rotted in her mouth. Hating the thought of turning my back on her, I went into my daughter’s room and lifted her into my arms and when I came back with her to my door, that woman was still there, never having taken her eyes off my daughter’s bedroom door. I realized that I was crying, actually sobbing, and when I looked back at her, she looked like she was laughing, though I couldn’t hear it.

I didn’t even realize I was going to talk until I actually heard myself saying “you can not have my babies!”. At this, she stopped grinning but she never took her eyes off me. I stared her down for a few seconds and repeated what I said, and then I went to my room, shut the door and put my daughter in the bed beside my son. Then I dropped to my knees and prayed. All night I could hear the laughing and moving around in the hallway.

I wanted to leave there so badly but I’d have had to go past that woman to get out and I was so scared. I didn’t close my eyes all night. The next morning the lady was gone and I started looking for another home. It took me about a month to find one and until we moved, we slept in the living room from then on so that if it happened again, I could just get the kids and leave. I did see her again once, but only briefly but I felt her so many times.