Lift Incident

This lift or elevator incident occurred at the office in the afternoon before lunch break. Angela Lui works as a secretary and his boss was late for a appointment with the management. She was extremely busy retyping the latest reports and getting projects folders that her boss need for his meeting. When she was done she helped her boss with the papers and he mention that he will be very late to get back to the office.

She hurried to her work station to find Felicia, from accounts, waiting for her impatiently as they late for lunch. She grabbed her purse and went with her friend to the lift, as they were in the 6th floor. When the lift arrived Angela got she found there was a woman there at the front of the lift and she politely position herself at the bottom.

Her friend, Felicia, also got into the lift but she was standing in the other front corner of the lift. She was looking at her friend, Felicia, but she was preoccupied with her mobile phone. Angela decided at the woman who was facing the lift door and she could only see the back of her.

She noticed that the woman was wearing a full length white dress, with a rough or coarse material, and a very unkempt shoulder length hair. The woman got out of lift on the 1st floor and promptly walked away. Angela and Felicia finally go to the ground floor and rapidly walked away.

Angela commented to Felicia, “what a strange woman and no notice her white dress?” Felicia looked at her friend with a puzzled look and replied, “*whao! What woman in white, we were the only ones in the lift. Don’t frighten me”. Angela was frightened but pretended nothing had happened and simply proceeded with lunch.