Live Death Premonition

The story started one early morning during the time of Ramadan in (September 24, 2007). I woke up because of continuous knocking somewhere in my flat. I had the feeling it was not from a living one because when the entity felt that I woke up, the “knocking” stopped. I knew too that it was kind of premonition so I called everyone and told them to check on everybody. I checked my Godmother too (already in her late 90’s and sick) from my cousin who is in the U.S. by email. Everything seem alright, no report of anybody seriously sick.

I have this thing about bathroom door. I don’t usually close my bathroom door in the night because it usually opens by itself and I get surprised by the “click” sound so I leave it open only. One morning, 2 days, September 26, 2007, after the knocking incident, around 0430H, my alarm rung so the first thing I do is go to bathroom. I didn’t switch on the light because that’s my house and I live alone so I know the way and anyway, it’s just a studio flat.

When I reached the bathroom, I saw an entity, a shadow boy “black” sat on the floor of the bathroom facing me but I didn’t see the face. Of course anyone who sees something like that, wouldn’t be able to get in at once. I did not get scared but surprised so what I did, I switched on the light then went back to bathroom and the boy was gone. Probably, if that boy is compared to the living, he could have been around 9-11 years old.

Again, I sent text to everyone and asked to check everybody around especially the children and explained what happened. I also sent same to my Darling here in the U.A.E. And some friends. After 5 days, October 1, 2007, my Darling called me up around 2300H and was crying, he said that he had to take a flight to his home country, his nephew is in coma. He explained to me that his nephew was run down by a speeding motorcycle which came from the wrong opposite direction and his nephew was thrown about 6 meters away and broke his skull.

Before I went back to sleep, I tried talking to my Darling nephew using my thoughts asking the boy to hang on, his family loves him. Suddenly, the hanky which was on the right side of my head (a blessed hanky) was pulled away. I knew the boy was around and I had the feeling that he won’t make it. So I prayed to God to take care of him. I didn’t phone my darling about that but I knew he had to go.

Around 05:30 hours the following morning (October 2,2007), my Darling called again and he was crying heavily, he said his nephew is gone so that was the right time I told him what happened to me the night before. I was crying too because I felt the boy’s presence before he left and so sorry for him that he didn’t get the chance to fulfill his dreams to be rich one day.

When my darling came back (after 3 weeks from his home country), he showed me the photo of his late nephew and told me some stories, we were both crying. My darling said that his nephew started working at the age of 6 in his grandfather’s (my darling’s father) Store and whatever allowance he got, he saved it and bought stock shares. The nephew was 11 years old only when he passed away.

The entity’s built/profile that I saw and the photo of the nephew were the same. My question is, how come the nephew chose me to see him? He could have chosen the members of his own family for his death premonition. My experience on other death premonitions are usually by scents of candle, perfumes.