Man Standing Under the Streetlight

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A story about 10 years ago. I was around 1 midnight, when I was asleep I woke up with metal sounds like “Caron”. When I think that what is it, “Caroon” again. I hear a sound from outside every 30 seconds or so. Sounds like touching a metal stick. I wondered and got up and saw the outside from the window.

The bedroom is on the second floor facing the road, but even if you are looking outside for a while you do not know the source of the sound. We are in a quiet residential area, late at night and no cars or people at all. I thought that I found a person standing on the road in front of the house beyond the road 3 across the road. A man stands with a dull appearance under the yellowish light of a streetlight.

I thought that it was the master of the house there, but I do not understand it because I do not have much relationship. And at the foot of the man, I can see about 5 like dark big garbage bags surrounding men. If you think that our garbage bag is light yellow, it seems that someone who is dressed in dark clothes is crouching rather than something like a garbage bag, something.

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Although I was watching for a while, the condition of men has not changed, I did not even hear metallic sounds before I knew it, I went back to bed and went to bed and went to bed. And I woke up in the morning, went to work with a clatter, and came home at night. When I tried to enter the entrance, I remembered “What was that men in the middle of the night?” I looked at the house where the man was.

But it was already dark so I can not see anything. I saw you last night. I was surprised to see why I can not see now why I went to the house. And I noticed, there were no street lamps in the first place. I went back home and went up to the bedroom on the second floor and looked at the front of the house just like last night, but it was dark and I could not see anything. But, under the light of a yellowish streetlight, the man was absolutely visible. It was not a dream. I still do not know what the incident was. But then my life is always bad. I am curious whether it is related.