Matagi and the Mountains of Bear

In the past, there were many people who used the Matagi as a village called Matagi. There were many strange things in the mountains, and the existence of a variant bear was handed down to the village side of Matagi. One day, one of the Matagi who stands quite skillfully in the village confronts that deformed bear.

Nice to meet you. I learned about this from a certain site, and let me visit. I do not know how much scary it is for everyone who is accustomed to ghost stories. When I was a junior high school student, I will write a story I heard from an old man who got along with me on the train. Many Matagi live as much as I can call the village where the old man lives “Matagi settlement”.

(I do not know what is going on right now). Familiarity with the mountains, Matagi opposite the big bear is more than just a crowd. It seems that even such fears exist that there is a fear, which is “a bear different from ordinary”. Three kinds of bears are different from ordinary, but I think that each had a name. “Whole body black bear. Whole body white bear” It is said to be a bear much bigger than normal size.

People of faithful Matagi people await them as incarnation of the god of mountain. You should never shoot even when you meet in the mountains. In the unlikely event you have to leave, you must quit Matagi. After speaking so, the elderly told me what happened in my village. In his village, there used to be Mr. Ichiro (pseudonym).

It seems that Matagi was one of the best in the village, with a strong arm. One day, when Ichiro goes to the mountain with his companion. As I saw a Japanese black bear in a nice place, I took it very quickly. Ichiro who came running to the bear that he cried out with joy, but looking at the breast of the bear. His complexion suddenly changed.

If it is black bear, then there must be a white pattern on the chest. “Such a foolish thing, there must be somewhere white hair.” And I desperately looking for Mr. Ichiro. However, no white hair was found in just one. Eventually he followed his rules and quit Matagi. Mr. Ichiro who quit Matagi and decided to refine agriculture. For a while the new job was also smooth, there was nothing wrong.

But for a while, strange things started to happen. When Ichiro is at home at night, it smells like something, I can hear his breath. Mr. Ichiro of former Matagi knew immediately that it was from a bear. However, there is no bear even if you look inside and around the house. Also, there were times when a lot of footprints of bears were left only in Ichiro’s field.

On another night’s evening, he is walking in the streets and signs behind. When turning around, there is a bear that became a pendulum. There is no white pattern on the chest. That bear is. This continues, Mr. Ichiro has completely changed people. To eliminate fear, the amount of liquor also increases, and when you get drunk, you talk about that bear.

“He does not forgive me, I will always be killed by Aizu someday.” And at last the worst happens. One evening, Mr. Ichiro who was still drunk with drinking. I thought if I shouted something unknown about the translation, it jumped out. I just got out of it. The villagers searched by arranging, but Ichiro has no shadow or shape.

But in a couple of days, the children who were fishing in the river flowing near the village. “I found Mr. Ichiro’s body.” Mr. Ichiro who was found sits on the rock of the riverbank. She seems to have died in a state of being asleep at the first sitting while sitting. Also around the rock, a lot of bear footprints and hair were left.

Aside from that, I found Mr. Ichiro, “Child who was fishing.” He is the old man who told me the story above. I myself do not really know if a bear ghost has come out. However, it seems that many villagers also saw “Bear’s shadow” to accompany Mr. Ichiro. Then, there is something in the mountains that human knowledge and common sense do not pass. I think.