May Have Been Dead

It is a story about when I was in elementary school. My grandmother in the neighbor who took care of me when I was a child collapsed and became bedridden. I seem to have lived alone, no relatives. At that time, I was taught old play well, so I went to the house and got sweets and taught vegoma etc. However, it has already collapsed, so I can not tell you.

I absolutely do not want it, I went to visit every other day to heal as healed. However, it did not cure after about two months. And one day, when I went to visit as usual, I opened my eyes while my grandmother slept and said something.

When asked “What happened?”
“Echchan, Taro chan, Satchan, Jun-chan.” I repeated it.
“Ecchan, Taro chan, Satchan” is my friend.
The last “Jun-chan” is my name.

I was surprised at it and it made me scared. I do not know why I got scared, but I feel guilty now. From that day I was scared and I could not go visit. One day a long time ago, my friend Emi drowned in a neighborhood river and died. For some reason I thought “I have to report to my grandmother”, I went to a grandmother’s wedlock after a long interval.

Then the doctor came and just came home. I waited for the doctor to come home and met her grandma. My grandmas are still saying something. But somehow feel a sense of incompatibility and listen, “Taro, Satchan, Jun-chan.” Ecchan is not here! It is! why! Is it? Why do you know! Is it? So I “Why do you know that Eccane is gone?”

Even if I ask you, Grandma “Taro, Satchan, Jun-chan.” I just repeated it. I feel somewhat bad, I went home early. However, I was worried after a while and went to visit my grandmother again. Then, this time, I repeat “Sachan, Jun-chan.” So I asked “Talla-chan,” said the grandmother, “Dunno.” I was surprised quite surprised at the answer that I had anticipated repeating “anyway, Sutchan, Jun-chan.”

But since then I just repeated again, I went home. When I got home, my mother panickily told me like this. “It seems that Tamaro who moved to Hyogo died, Mom will go to the funeral tomorrow, will you go with me?” One day after I went to a funeral with my mum, my grandmother died.

Although it may be terrible, it was the first time that a person died and was relieved this much. Currently, I and Satchan are fine as well. But, if it is a little late for your old baby to die, Satchan and I may have been dead. It may be just a coincidence, but it is the most scary event I experienced.