Message From Demon

Hello my dear. You do not know who I was, but I know who you are. I was one of the three demons were always with you since you were born. Some people in the world were destined to become a great man, destined to be happy, to enjoy life. You? Unfortunately, not part of them, it is our duty to guarantee it.

Who are we? Oh sorry for this immodesty. Allow me to introduce us as a representative. Humiliation is my brother, the devil on your left shoulder. Whispered humiliation and assure that you are a freak, insane. He says that you’re not normal, that you are the source of evil, a figure were could never be accepted. He that said and convince yourself, that you’re no more than a piece of j*nk. Thank him for making you hate yourself.

Frightened sitting on your right shoulder. He was is my brother, its age is as old as the word of life itself. Frightened filled every corner of the darkest in you with monsters and ghosts an invisible. He was that changing every stranger on the street into a killer figure in mind.

He was introduce you to the “fact” that there is a terrible entity cowering behind the cloak of darkness. Frightened also prevents you to speak up on the figure of the idol. He who convince you to never try that eventually you fall on a bottomless abyss of failure. Frightened makes build prisons for yourselves. So, who am I?

I was the most terrible demon that is in you, yet you accept me as being a friend. You turned to me when there was nothing left, always, because I live in your heart, your soul. I am the person who forced you to stay afloat and to bear all the burdens of life. A figure that makes you into a prolonged torment and eternal.