Midnight Intruder

When I was in elementary school three years who still lived in the countryside of Miyazaki, my sister and two people were into the game “Mother 2”. My house has a troublesome rule “Only three hours on Saturdays and Sundays”, usually Sufami’s cassette is sealed in the living room, but I just could not stand this game alone.

Fortunately, my room had a Super Famicom and a TV, so I secretly went to take a cassette in the living room in the middle of the night and I took my older sister and Mother 2. So, what I actually play is me. My older sister is an advisor who looks while eating sweets next door and gives various wisdom when I get stuck. It was two years older than me, so I was reliable.

Even now I still remember it clearly, at that time Geppoo was struggling very hard against the enemy and I was just raising the level. You do not even know things like being a victory if you use it. The time was around midnight, it was cold in early spring season, so I wrapped it in a blanket and played. When desperately fighting with Zaco, my sister abruptly.

“Bamboo, turn the TV off” and said. I was rushing because I did not understand the translation. “Why? Are you sleepy? Well then wait a moment as I will defeat Kaito and save it back.” And returned. But. “You do not have to turn off the power of the game. TV is erased.” My older sister muttered quietly while watching the closed curtain.

I got scared a bit and dropped the TV and crawled into the futon. “What’s wrong?” To hear terrible, my older sister whispered with a breathless voice. “I heard footsteps in the garden.” My house is covered with Jari, and when people walk, it will be “jack, jack” and you will hear a sound so you can understand immediately. I was crazy about games and I did not notice at all, but my sister should have noticed it for quite a while.

I said that because I did not go away too, I let out the TV. If you listen carefully it surely sounds jacky, jacky, and from the garden. I am really scared “My dog ​​or cat right?” I heard, but my older sister does not answer. I’m staring at the curtain. I gradually understood that the footsteps approached. The footsteps stopped shortly outside the window. I am afraid to get caught and cling to my sister’s waist.

After a while “Oh, sorry.” The voice of a high-female man called for me. My older sister does not answer. I kept my eyes closed and desperately stuck to my sister’s body. “You are awake, are not you? I became in trouble, so you can not open it here?” This time zone where the visitors came too late and the darkness at midnight scented fear and became a feeling of seeing even scary dreams.

After a while silence, there was a sign that a woman outside would touch the window. When rattling and windows shook, my sister unexpectedly stood up. I swung out and opened the sliding door of the room. “Okay! Sorry! There is someone outside the window! Come!” My older sister cried out with all the voice, pulled the electricity of the corridor from one end, pulled my hand and ran to the parent’s bedroom.

When I arrived in the bedroom and turned on electricity, my mother was still asleep. By the way I was a mother and a child and my father was absent. When my sister shakes up and explains the circumstances, with a confused face.

“In such a time, did not you see a dream?”

And when I tried to pinch my mouth “Pingpong.” The chime rang at the entrance. My mother was amazed and rushed to the front door in a panicky. When I turned on the electricity at the entrance, a silhouette wearing red clothes emerged through the rubbing glass.

“Who are you!?”
“I’m sorry late at night. Actually, I had business in a hurry and I was looking for a public phone around here, but I can not find it.”
“If you do not mind, would you please lend me your home phone?”

I was relieved to see what I was calling. I’m sorry, but at this time I can not translate a stranger to the house. My mother declined to be impatient. I was surprised at that time that I should lend you a phone, but it is natural that I think now. It is dangerous to raise others who visited at midnight to the house where the adult is the only mother in the country, even though it is a country.

But still “I’m really in trouble. Please lend me a call.” But as Mother resolutely “I am sorry, please witness other.” I continued to refuse. The woman suddenly became quiet after intertwining for a while as he fought. I could see that pulling out the umbrella from the umbrella stand that was at the front of the door soon.

And suddenly “Gang!” I touched the tip of the umbrella and began to hit the scrubbing glass at the entrance with a handle. I felt crazy again I got stuck in place. The woman strikes strongly as if breaking through the glass of the entrance. “Let’s do it!” I will call the police!” My mother seemed a bit scared, but I scoffed the outside woman with a strong tone.

But the woman will not stop hitting. “You go to the living room! Sister calls the police!” I could not move but moved my hand to my sister and ran to the living room. As I heard a noise from Baan, I returned, when my mother was defeating the shoe shelf that was on the side of the entrance. I think that I was making barricades, but I do not think much if I think now. I think that my mother also panicked.

When I arrived in the living room and turned on electricity, I crawled under the table. I wanted to hide from anywhere. My sister who seemed to have finished calling the police also crawled in, crying with embracing each other and trembling. After a while my mother came to the living room. You can hear the sound of striking the glass and glass still from the entrance. Take the biggest kitchen knife from the kitchen, find us under the table.

“Because it’s all right, is not it because you have a mother?” He pitted me. But his mother also said that his face was pure blue and sweating a lot and trembling. Eventually the sound ceased from the entrance, the inside of the house became quiet. And when my mother started walking towards the entrance “Gang!” There was a heavy noise from the living room window.

My sister and my sister seemed to lose conscience after screaming “Wow! Apparently the entrance gave up and seemed to have crawled around in the living room where electricity came. My mother boldly walked towards the window. “If you want to stay, stay there forever !! Because the police are coming soon, I do not know what to do!” I shouted at the curtain sharply at the momentum that I had never shown before.

“Hi!!” I heard the scream of my mother turned inside out. I heard my mother screaming and I also saw outside the window. It was obviously a man that was there.  Dark mustache, hair that stretches to rustling, red one piece. I will ask the state of the room while laughing. I felt really crazy and I did not even get a voice. Mother also retreats and has settled. And the man began to shout through the window.

If you write in the range you hear, this is like this. “Giha. Misaya! I to be able to flush! Gyahah! Stupid! Gahaha ha!” He told me that he ran away. Although I am quite suitable, I think that the first “me” is “Messiah” (the savior). Perhaps it was a man who touched me with a funny religion. Terror fear can not be wiped even after he left for the time, my sister and two of us clung to my mother and was crying.

Then after a long time passed, the police came at last, so “It’s late !! Why will not you come sooner !?” And I remember tremendously abusing. I can not help it because it is a country so much as to adhere to my head. Then for the time being, my family tried to sleep in my bedroom. That’s all I remember for the time being. About when I was in high school, I suddenly remembered

“What was that?” I asked my mother
“I do not know, I was informed that even police people did not finally find it.”
I still want to leave the identity unknown.