Mist in the Mountains

This is a story I experienced at the age of 20. At that time I attended a vocational school where friends A, B, C, D got along well with each other. The five of us acted together well on the day off. Since five men act together, she could not do it, for example, A bought the car second hand, so I decided to go out like a young man to go to the beach to seek encounter.

But it was good to go out to swim, but unfortunately I could not get to know a woman. I decided to go home with driving A while saying that it was not that sweet all over the world. On the way home I ate dinner and went home while driving. When I entered the mountain path, fog began to appear, gradually became a thick fog.

You can go to safe driving by watching. “Before, you can not see it, okay?” To driving A. I was talking with. A too, we drove speed considerably carefully and was driving. When I looked at the room mirror, I think that I was driving in a condition that A was not tense at all even in the state where the back was hardly seen.

Did you run the car for about 30 minutes? Suddenly amazing light came down. The five of us first thought whether they were oncoming cars or following vehicles. So, I told A to make a high beam and sound a horn to notify the location of this, so as not to be an accident with thick fog. A quickly made a high beam and sounded a horn, but there was no reaction and light did not weaken.

For the time being, I chose to keep speed as it is. When we all watched the light from the room mirror, we saw the emergence of a shadow from the side of the light with a tremendous speed. Sudden fear attacks us “What’s that !? Raise speed!” It made a noise. However, the people will follow more and more.” “It is the speed which it is likely to catch up with the car now. Since it is a dense fog, I do not know whether the road ahead is a curve, so there are limitations on the speed that can be output.

And finally when the shadow came near the car, the talkie was heard. “Play with me, please play”. Do not stop! Do not drop speed! Shouting, A also “I try hard as much as possible with safe driving I know and blow the shadow.” I said desperately to drive. The figures finally caught up with the car and disappeared. After that the fog was sunny, I went down the mountain path safely.

What was that person? I entered a convenience store down the mountain path and bought food and returned to the car. When I returned to the locality, I told that A, B and C to send me home, but I took off the car saying that it will be late at night and broke up. After having divided with us, A and D died in a car accident with a car and passed away. The accident was a straight road with a good line of sight, and I and B, C who were acting together until the last time because there was a mysterious point were called by the police and heard about the circumstances.

I heard the contents of the accident, but the car collided with the telephone pole and it was instant death. Although the scene was a straight road with a good line of sight, it is said that it crashed at a fairly high speed though. Also, it was said that things like women’s hair were stuck to the engine.

Not to mention me, B and C had no idea what I meant, and I talked to the police like that. The only thing to be noted is the dense fog in the mountain path that went on the way back of the sea bathing and the people who chased from the light. I talked to the police once, but last night there was a reply saying that there was no fog around. In addition to that, I heard stories that there are traffic accidents who talk about the same story.

I still do not know what that person was. At that time, I owned the car and was able to drive only A, so because A and my house are near, D who was riding together to the end together was sacrificed instead of us. I am driving now with a car license, but I try not to go that mountain road again.