Mother Child on the Floor

Mr. Kinno who became whiplash in the car accident seemed to be unable to do work, so decided to take a rest for about a week. Kinno is married, but his wife worked and was alone during the day. The first few days were comfortable, but as expected it came to pass as soon as the third day. Still it was hard for me to go somewhere, so I had to stay still at home.

One day, when it was past noon, when I was watching television vaguely, a sound was coming from the room on the upper floor, and a cheerful voice of a child was heard. I felt embarrassed that the school was closed, but I did not care. And the next day, I heard the voice of my child from around noon. Apparently the upper house seems to have two children.

Mr. Kinno lives in a large-scale condominium residential area, but it was quietly surprised in the daytime, and the voices of children were heard well by Kinno-san downstairs. However, I was thankful for not bothering me feeling noisy, rather distracting the boredom and the tasteful quietness of the apartment complex. And the next day, I got my free time and Kishino who wanted me to make lunch ordered pizza.

The amount of pizza I came in in about 30 minutes was more than I thought, and Kinno eventually left a whole piece in the end. I usually keep it for my wife, but I remembered the children on the upstairs and helped me with kindness and decided to bring Kishino up. Kinno did not know who lived in the room directly over him, but pushed the doorbell.

I felt a sign but no response. I pressed the doorbell once more. I felt like being seen from a peep window. Faintly a voice saying “who is it?” came from behind the door. Mr. Kinno said that he is downstairs, when he talks about what the pizza had left over, the door faintly opened. It was dark in the house. A woman peeled her face halfway from the gap of about 5 cm.

The woman said graciously. “Thank you very much, but I do not need it.” It is dark and I can not see the facial expressions well. Kishino suddenly felt that he was out of place, but once again talked about the reason and asked them to give it to the children. Lively warm air has flowed out of the gap of the door. I have a bad smell.

Suddenly, two faces of children were lined beneath the face of the woman. The door will remain open slightly. The blond eyes of the two children are staring at this place. Three people’s faces are lined up in a row. “Well then. I do not mind.” Kinno got a box of pizza in the gap between the doors, and the hand came gently from the side of the door.

Three faces are staring at Kenson from the gap of the door. “Thank you.” I heard a faint voice. Mr. Kinno went away with sweat. It was creepy. There was something wrong in the corner of my head. My child’s face is burning to my mind. My back frustrated and trembled. Face, side by side. It will be quick. I wanted to get away from that house as soon as possible. The elevator does not come.

Line up vertically. I do not feel like coming at the stomp by pushing the button many times. Toward an emergency staircase. I had a bad headache. I feel nauseated. When opening the heavy door of the emergency staircase, Ms. Kishino felt his eyes on his back. When turning around, there were three faces in the corner of the corridor about 10 meters away.

Just like I saw it from the gap of the door, I put out only half of my face and I looked at it with empty eyes. The light which entered the corridor of a cold midday apartment shone the three people’s face clean. Kishino also ran down the stairs despite the Gibbs around his neck. Norikuno sometimes rushes up the stairs to the third floor at the moment without using an elevator for his health, but I felt it was tremendously long up to the top.

Vertical lines face. I can not. The body not. And the strange thing behind the face. Head to support hands. After that, Ms. Konno had the police called by a nearby convenience store. According to the police investigation, in the house on the upper floor of Kinshi-san, the dead body of the mother and child of the house was found in the bath tub.

The corpse had no neck. The neck was cut with a saw and it was three days after his death. In the day my husband was wanted and was arrested where he was hiding in the same building. The man also had the mother and the head of the child together. It was not his house that a man was discovered. As the policeman followed the bloodstains, he found him hiding. According to the police, he seems to have been lurking inside Kusano’s house closet.