Mother Presence in My Room

My mother died about a year and a half ago. Last month I was looking at a picture of her before I went to sleep, I held on to the picture as I slept. Before I fell asleep I started to cry, and it got so bad I started to violently shake, my whole body wracked with sobs until a warm voice filled my ears, it said.

“Honey? Baby Doll, why are you cryin’ sweetie?” It was my mothers voice.
“Mommy?” I said looking up at her, and my whole room looked different.

It was now early morning and the sun shined through my window, it landed at my mom’s feet, my mom was in a white gown and her hair was let down her brown eyes where soft and filled with concern. After registering what I saw I got up off the bed and ran into my mother’s arms, and cried.

“Shh baby, shh, I don’t want you to be sad Baby Doll, I’m okay. It hurts me to see you down here crying like this. Shh baby shh.”

I stood there in her arms now crying tears of joy that my mom was there with me.

“I don’t know how to not be sad Mama. I miss you a lot.” I sniffled into her shoulder.
“You do honey, you know how to be happy, just be my little Hollywood.”

I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, my mom was gone, it was still night-time, the time was the same as it was before I saw my mom, again I cried again, but I felt her presence in my room. I ran upstairs and I told my dad what I just saw.