Mr. Merry’s Phone

A certain family was to move, but at that time the girl mistakenly thrown away the doll who cherish it by calling “Mary”. Parents who were sorry for the very sad girls appeared to “buy a new doll,” and the girls also convinced the players gently.

One night, a phone call came up. Because the parents have not come home yet, a girl answers the phone.
“Hello? Who are you?”
“I, Merry, I am in the garbage dumping place now.”
“What?!” The phone ran out of it.

Immediately after that the phone rang again. I came again. Although I thought that it was from my parents, the girl picked up the receiver.
“Hello, Mom?”
“I, Mr. Mary, I am in the station.”
“The telephone also runs out.”
Speaking of station, the station where the girls live. Something was wrong with a mischievous phone, the girl was beginning to think.

The girl who could not stay even if she was present confirmed that the entrance key was locked and put a foot on the stairs to keep herself locked in her room. At that moment, the telephone that should have pulled out the telephone line rang. The telephone rings which should not ring sounded.

The girl who ceased to understand for a while exposed the phone with fear and anger exposed.
“You are united! Let’s do it!”
“Mary, Merry, I am behind you now.”