I am working for a big design office now. For a while after leaving the vocational school. I was doing a photo processing byte at a ceremonial occasion company recommended by the school. In the case of a funeral, you can scan the face from snaps as a deceased figure and make it into a suit. In the case of marriage photographs, there were many jobs such as overall correction. The rest is a small chore not related to the pictures.

In a funeral of a young man in his twenties. I also joined in choosing a picture for the portrait from the album. After that it was called from my parents who seemed to be in their 60s and asked for a strange request. It is a story that I want you to make a marriage picture of my son who became the deceased. My son who died of sickness without being unmarried can not be irrational. I want to leave a picture of my wedding ceremony even in the event of a moment.

I was asked if I could do such things. Well, whether it is possible or not depends on whether the image of the material is complete or not. It is different from the work that the company regularly undertakes. Avoid immediate reply on the spot and consult a regular employee senior. Senior “It will be muskari.”

He continued saying. “In the Tohoku region, for men who died before marriage. There is a custom to draw a picture of a fictional wedding ceremony to a temple shrine. I call it Musakari. Probably I would like to do that. I thought that it was completely gone, but there is still something there. No, I can not accept that as a company. However, I do not know that you will receive a request as an individual. Well, I think it would be better to stop it.”

In summary it was such a story. I like the appearance of my father who cut out my request as if I was struggling so much. I remembered the appearance of my mother who kept crying throughout the funeral and decided to take over. Talking with your parents. The groom of the deceased said that there was a photograph with a crested hakama in the ceremony ceremony. I decided to divert it. I asked parents to dress up and decide to take a new picture.

There was a bride and groom before the gold folding screen. I thought about the composition of parents on both sides. And the problem is a bride. As for me, the image of a Japanese-style bridal bride drawn from somewhere. Face is a little troublesome. Collage each face part such as eyes and nose. I thought that as a whole I would make a female statue that is not in the world.

However. By all means I want you to use this picture I will get a piece of paper sauce. I told the bride’s face to make this woman’s face absolutely. It is desperately in shape. It’s easy to scan it by scan. I remembered the words from my seniors.

“Musakari ema. In the legend the surrounding participants are okay. Do not let the bride and groom’s face still live. Also, do not put the name of a living person. When you do that, a person from the nether world comes to pick up the person who drew it. I guess I’m stupid. In the vicinity of the XX prefecture in Tohoku. There is a shrine left that can still express such power.”

I’m afraid. I asked if the living person is bad. But your parents say. The picture was also dying. It is said that he was engaged in engagement. The son also seemed sick because the lady died. Both are deceased and they are already together in the other world. I would be happy if I can report it locally as an official formula. He was stated shortly. I knew this even while I was half confident.

We received 100,000 yen as a reward. A photograph is completed. At the last minute put the name of the son and the name of the woman heard from her parents to the same name and put it in the image. I handed it in a panel for easy use as an ema. My workmanship was satisfactory as I was. Your parents seemed happy. “I will take this and go back to the local prefecture” I said.

Because I was a prefecture the seniors said that their homecoming destination was saying, I was a little scared. I decided not to think deeply. About two weeks later. An article of the accident appeared in the local newspaper. The victim was killed instantaneously. By the way it was hit by an ambulance in front of the hospital. There were various problems in this area. The hospital has carried the body of his son who wrote so far. The pictures of the victim’s woman were not on the newspaper. The name was the same as I put it in the image.