My Colleague is Doppleganger

Marie works in a restaurant assistant in Genting Highlands. She is presently working the night shift and she goes back to her hostel when the shift is over. Every day seems like a repeat of yesterday and they have to go to the grind of life. At least she got a good job except it is a bit monotonous at times.

One night having brought some food for herself, she was walking alone to her hostel when she noticed her friend, Marina Gan, walking in the opposite direction towards the casino. Marina was a sweet, cheerful lady and one of Marie’s best friends. Marie waved at her friend but her friend did not even notice her.

Desperate Marie waved and yelled at her friend but she did not respond as was on the opposing road. At the end, Marie finally gave up and thought she must be quiet preoccupied or the night fog must be too tough. The very next day, Marie met Marina on the street and slightly annoyed asked Marina did not even acknowledge her. Marie said she even waved desperately at her and tried to say hello.

Marina was astounded and said Marie must have made a mistake, because it was Marina’s day off and she spent her whole day in Kuala Lumpur with her sisters! Confused and surprised she insisted she saw her yesterday when she was walking home. Marie wondered she saw a ghost or did she see a doppelganger? Doppelganger is defined a ghostly counterpart of a living person.