My Dog Barking

This story happened in march last year, in the evening, I watched thailand films played by Mario Maurer and Baifern. The film was titled a crazy little thing called love or first love. I liked the movie because the story is almost the same as my first love story. While I was watching, I was startled by my barking tzu tzu’s dog.

“Why are you, Tzu tzu? Why are you barking?” I said that while stroking it.
“Was this all because of Susil?”

Then, I came out of my room while carrying my dog. I first went to kak Al’s room to check Susil because so far it has inhabited kak Al’s room. But when I checked it was there. It changed her form into a sleeping child. I remembered something about my dog barking.

My dog was barking when looking out the window of my room. It was impossible to do it, because Susil was sleeping in kak Aldan’s room. The longer my dog’s barking was sounded loud. I was so curious about my dog, my dog did not stop barking, I’ll come out of my house quetly so as not to get caught mama and papa. Now I was by the window of my room.

I started to feel something odd behind the wall of my house. Bravely I got out of the fence of the house to see something on the outer wall of my house. I was really suprised when I came to the outside wall of the house diveder. I saw a flat faced ghost, the ghost was standing facing me.

Saw than I immediately ran into the house. I thought my dog barking was a sign of something. My dog turned out to be smarter than me. *Haha, haha. please read my story “hantu berwajah rata” a ghost that resembled a korean artist.