My Mom

Five years ago, when I went from school. Until home, I saw no one at home. Truly lonely. “Wherever is everyone?” If papa and Al (jelangkung) don’t have to be asked. As usual, papa is working and if Al definitely go to his friend place. He never came home after college. “But, where is mama and Herin?” I was looking for them all the places at home.

But they were not there. “Did they leave?” I was wrong. I suddenly saw my mom was in the kitchen, the kitchen was empty. Nobody. From the distance, I saw my mom who was behind me looking for something. I did not know what she was looking for.

Then I approached my mom and asked “what is mama looking for? May I help you, mama”. Mom was silent, she did not answer my question let alone facing me to see me. Mama was busy looking for something. Suddenly from the kitchen I heard the sound of someone coming into the house. “Who is it? Is it a guest?” I heard the voice of a woman and a child say “Assalamualaikum”.

Heard the voice, I was very suprised. I really know who the owner of the voice was. They are my mom and my young sister, Herin. But now who is behind me right now? For KCH readers who have often followed my story, surely you know the answer.