My Scary Story at Aunt’s House

This scary story about a few years ago. I was on vacation to Kumta, a small town in Karnataka. I stayed there at my Aunt’s place. My Aunt’s house is located near Gazni (a series of small lakes where you breed prawns). Since I had visited there for the first time I had the curiosity to explore the place. Let me tell you unlike me, my aunt is little bit of religious type, so she strictly forbids me to go near lakes. When I asked her the reason why? She told me that the place is not so auspicious and she cut my question there.

During night it was about 9:30 pm after dinner I set out for a walk. I still remember that day, it was full moon day, moon light made a glittery appearance to the lake waters, which Ganzi in turn made a pleasant view and the cool breeze drove me straight to Gazni. There were distant street lights in the Gazni and the view was spectacular.

May be half a kilometer walk into the Gazni I started experiencing something unusual, cold breeze struck to my body gave me a chilling experience. In the silent valley as I was walking I heard the sounds of multiple steps behind me, I felt a group of people approaching me from my behind, I could hear laughs, their talks, but not so clearly. I suddenly turned behind, to my shock I see an old woman may be of 80’s standing behind and there was no one else.

I felt as if I am almost fainted as I could clearly feel a group of people behind me, but leaving an old women no one else was there. She had a long white hair which was set loose, a big stick in her hand, she did not have front teeth, she was slightly smiling, and has bluish eyes.

After seeing this I don’t know how but I just screamed a bit. I felt like electric shocks going through my body. I could not move, my feet started trembling, I was there for about 10-15 seconds and then I started running straight to the highway. When I reached the highway, I looked back to see no one in about a kilometer long Gazni.

When reached home I told my aunt about the incident. She and my cousin scolded me for going to Gazni, pinched my chicks and send me to bed. At night I was awakened by something, and I felt as if I am almost glued to bed, I could not move my head to other side, I could not speech, neither could I open my eyes.

I started crying, hearing this cousin came running to my room and she called my aunt. They made me to sit on the bed and asked me why I was crying, I could not explain but just I was crying. They gave me water and then applied some paste on my fore head, chest and on my feet, of an herb called “Appatisaal”. After that I felt better and felt a sleep. The next two days I suffered very high temperatures but recovered quickly.