Mysterious Car Park Incident

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Amir together with his wife, Rosie, parked his car at the mall to do their shopping. As it was only 6 pm they went to the food court to have their meal before proceeding to do their weekly shopping. After their meal, they went to Tesco and carried on with their shopping.

When they were done they were carrying their huge bags of groceries to their car to the car park in the mall. When they got back, Amir suddenly realized that their car was missing and he desperately muttered, “Oh fark! Sh*t! Sh*t! He could not believe that someone have taken their car. Rosie help carry the groceries and was tried angrily asked whether Amir what to do.

Eventually Amir got the security guards from the mall to come over to the basement car park. The security guards did not seem to believe that Amir’s car was missing. Amir was furious and he showed them the exact spot where he had parked and even showed pressed his car alarm which he pressed the button numerous times but the alarm did not work.

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The guards and Amir walked the entire car park several time and they kept pressing the alarm to no avail. The security guards were finally and reluctantly were convinced that Amir’s car was missing and they decided to report to the police. Amir was walking with the guards back to the basement (where Rosie was waiting with the bags of groceries) when he unconsciously pressed the car’s alarm.

There was a short ringing sound and he rushed to the spot where he parked his car. Lo and behold! His missing car park was found in the exact spot that Amir left it. However, the car was extremely dirty and had several dents on the side of the car. However, Amir did want to think about it further and “thank” to the guards (who he think did nothing) and back to Rosie who was still waiting with their bags at the end of the car park entrance.

When he was driving with Rosie, he cannot help to wonder what really happen. Did someone take his car and then left the car park at the same spot when he was done? Why the car was so dirty and the dents? Or was it a supernatural being the real culprit who went for a joy ride?