Mystery of the Graveyard

My friend and i usually do the ouija board and when we do we had always gotten good spirits. We were always feeling spirits and weird things would happen to us whenever we were together. One night we were trying to walk to our friends house to stay the night. We got lost down a street which led to a graveyard.

Out of nowhere this massive rottweiler flew out growling and barking at us as we ran down towards the graveyard. Suddenly we looked behind us and there was no dog there. We ran back down the street towards the way the dog chased us because we were really frightened of graveyard.

We tried calling our friend to pick us up but we had no service which was odd because we were in the middle of town. We started walking towards what we thought was our friends road. We soon found out that it was a park where swings suddenly started swinging. We were a fair distance away and no one was around.

We quickly put on some music on my best friend’s phone so it would drown out the noise. We gave up looking for our friends house and went back to my besties house. We decided to do the ouija board and ask it if it had anything to do with what happened earlier. We got a bad spirit for the first time ever. We were crying when it told us that it tried to get us to go towards the graveyard so it could kill us.

And for the only way for it not to find and kill us was for ourselves to commit suicide. We quickly stopped doing the ouija board and never done it again. Since then a little girl had came to me when I was working and asked me to help her but before I could turn around to see her she disappeared. And that’s a bit strange because no one was in the room with me. I am not scared of these spirits talking to me and i know i have a gift but I cant seem to control what happens to me and i wish i could.