No One Dare to Say MOU

Are you all heard regarding superstition a saying that when we travel there somewhere or where not a house our ban on speech blunder, and was mouth offering to or keeping there, lest they should not mind? I have a real thing I’ve ever experienced since the two. Often before I travel whither Mom, I’m always reminded that to a place distinctive must be able to ask overpasses or keeping there and give careful oral careful musicians from speaking blunder.

Not to be charges dont give only when we arrived at where I did not forget to pray quietly to ask them stay there. One day Mom, I call entice you to play Som no plans yet figured want to go went immediately so we have also issued travel from Phnom Penh at the eleventh hour that there were 4 people, including me, Santa Anita and brother Shan was a sweetheart, Annie.

Indeed, to travel at night is not easy, and Som are also large car driver, he drove very fast formidable front I rode with him the brahaongpoh out. Travel along I chat with obesity are numerous, not because he was bored back if you need to say no sleep because they have the same smoldering in suddenly asked me:

Santa: You’re afraid of ghosts?
Me : How you ask dont night, if I say that not afraid of you believe?
Santa: very strong words haunted look, but do not call me to help him.
Me : The Phantom of something scary, but I’m not afraid.
Background: Aaron dont like speech (talking and laughing hurt me), and continue to drive as usual In fact, I’m afraid, but speak not into him only the beginning, not easily take their weaknesses.

Finally we arrived at the hotel around an near Pos Room 105 (anonymity) at 11pm we were sleeping room together of four (for confirmation, I sleep beds, two Annie brother Shan and brother Santa sleeping bed). Arrival room after resting a bit elder also enter dive and he said hurry up to seek eating because he hunger every man came into the bathroom once one remaining I the last, before entering the elder Santa teasing me, “Neal, Elias, Elias, entered alone and any need not to bring girls long hair, go in with,” he says, and he laughs doing lift allotment my fish and walked into the bathroom, both hiss.

I dressed in the bathroom and was withdrawn tools make up put on the caribbean ribbons are comb suddenly ten perfume I fell on luggage t for no good reason, I guess, like, something to pull it to, because I’m not human carelessness, but I trust in the very deep, just noises fall immediately Annie, their mom, I called these concerns “Ya Ha born for this?” I shout, “she said, just crumbs perfume perfectly,” I answered like this because they do not want you to worry and fear to speak, and I bowed picking shrapnel perfume.

When I stand up, I poor Vietnamese white eyes in the mirror and suddenly someone drop hair standing behind me, and when I turned around I did not see anything. I remembered to verbal Mom, I forget that once inside the room, I have not been asked of you keeping here I also exclaimed softly: “The overpasses and who maintained here offspring Come and stay all night if descendants say khosameatkhosak the Do brakebrakean descendants ok” to speak, and I took the baggage comes out, and we have also left much to seek eat and came to hang out at the beach Teil despite late bit but there are also people in the play fireworks, some dancing, full beach looks very happy, and we got to play fun with them.

About 2 and a half to go, and each such tired very brother also calls us back to the hotel again. Each arrived back unconscious pretty straight three o’clock, and I could not sleep but Annie leaped and hugged me, I also brushed it off, it shapes your senses gently and said, “hug only did Harold” I also Baillie to it, “he hugged what summer” talk and I also kicked the blanket down and Annie also turned to sleep normally not a minute too air started very cold unusually I begin to cool to go, then I rose pull because yesterday I kicked the blanket arrived toe just me slightly alas body girl sitting back at the toe.

I head rolling slowly, even though the room shaped dark a little bit, but I see clearly that on her head and blood stop her wearing color orange drop hair only half back I’m sure that not everyone, but I know that she faces the looking at me or not, nhroh I did not dare look her my shape conscious memory bit I tried relaxation and rushed hand to pull the blanket taken cover feeble hug their mom, I also Annie said to me tired, “threatening whats Harold took hold of my next meh? And it’s new shaking dont Harold haunted, not al this?”.

Say and it also lying behind me I do not know should do nothing but meditation natural heart softly and tried to dull sleep at Texas, not in Haman hours longer will shine now. Morning, hours eight Each yet recovering but I went down below to find the person to ask to know exactly what I saw last night is clear, not a person, not as chomneangophteah okay, I walked toward Putin one older he is a zoo park.

Me : How are you um.
He : Yes, nephew (he smiles at me).
Me : Um, I want to ask a little um dont Um worked here over the years?
He : Um at work here since the opening of first instance, if you are okay?
Me : I want to ask UM with room 105 (And this UM started to change facial expressions) because last night I met bad.

He : Last night you sleep in a room 105 that Hess Um thought it was happening? (He says such thinking about something).
Me : I’m pretty sure Um, last night I saw a very fresh ghost.
He : Actually, um do not want to recall because it does not want to khauchachhmoh hotel but um agreed to tell the story of this niece listen only niece was promised that he would not allow this matter known to anyone anymore Um fear of hurting the hotel because the owner of the hotel is a good man, he helped Um lot.

Me : Um, I promise.
He : A few years ago there sweetheart couple came to stay here with bookings in two nights in the night, one may 11 pm they came back room with the boy drunk with guests who are staying near there said heard two girlfriend perfectly bickered still perplexed quarrel anything after a while they heard a woman’s girlfriend shouted and quiet once thought maybe they came to sleep homework just did not worry about 3am staff nna bank saw a girlfriend walked away hurriedly, but they also do not have any doubt because it thinks it might have been to seek eat.

Monday to eight and they did not see the man’s girlfriend back and invisible women girlfriend came down also skeptical, and went up to see when we arrived room, knocked on the door several times without response personnel, we also decided to remove the lock, another pour Once entered they saw the woman as a girlfriend lying dead lift flooring luggage t who heads the blood and eyes wide, looked like grudges very much after what was done, the hotel quickly resolve this matter, not to have the information to negotiate rumors began their transmitted bodies to pagodas and looking for a relative few days later.

The police contacted the owner of the hotel that was the man’s girlfriend and the man’s girlfriend has pleaded guilty all soon hear the man had killed himself in prison dead. The hotel was not invited monks to Blessing, they just bought to SEN. Skip was 1 also had guests staying the room, yet in a few also went move by night and have guests series that were not President seen as such also invited monk came Blessing dedicated to after celebrating and UM never seen any client matter anymore just hear nephew came and told Um such Um also started wondering why he showed to nephew saw Um think maybe fortune nephew fell and there say the MOU, or not?

Me: Hm! I’m kidding, but do not think they Um, and I apologized to them and.
He: Maybe next they want to warn you, and shall say, nephew.
Me: Thank you Um, I dont go back, and fear not my friends because the phone to.
He: Well, good luck nephew.
Then I went to play beach Pos bit pm, they travel back to that night, I remember days forever, no one dared to say the MOU.