Noise at Night

Some of you will suppose I used to be dreaming however I do know I used to be not. In 2006 my mother and that I would have dreams of a dark shadow walking ahead of our sleeping room doors we tend to found it strange that we tend to each had similar dreams therefore we tend to prayed after they stopped we tend to simply wrote them off. Well earlier this year within the middle of March one thing began to happen. One night i used to be sleeping in my space.

Nothing new, once I suddenly awakened, several of you’ve got seen “the grudge” and detected that low-pitched noise created, well I detected that noise once I awakened. Then I detected paper on my floor crunching as if somebody was stepping on them. I started to show my head slowly to examine if somebody was in there before I might I felt this presence over Maine as if somebody stood there.

I made a decision on the count of 3 I’d run as quick as attainable out of my space. I took a deep breath one,two,three even as shortly as I brought myself up i used to be thrusted go into reverse. I attempted therefore arduous to urge up however I used to be paralytic my eyes were wide open I might hear my radio within the background taking part in, disappearance “haunted”.

I tried to move anything I could but couldn’t, I started to pray in my head as soon as I did I felt my air supply cut off I prayed and prayed and pled the blood of Jesus and rebuked this evil presence. As soon as I did I felt my whole body burn with intense heat and I was released. The next day on the bus on my way home back from school I heard that throaty noise I thought it was all in my head but my friend said to me “what was that noise?” she too had heard the throaty noise.

It was as if what was there the night before was following me. So night was upon me and I had to choose my room or living room I chose my room for a week the same things would happen every night even with my light on. Monday of the following week I slept I my room with my bible in my hand I awoke again but this time is was different.

I was able to move I looked to the back corner of my room and saw this grayish brownish most unsettling light I jumped from my bed scraping my chin on the way out. Summer break had come and almost gone before I went back in at night. In august I reorganized my room after that I have had no more problems and sleep very well at night. Now that I think about it Helluva way to tell someone to clean their room, don’t you think.