Old Family House

Molly Lee and her brothers and sister used to lived with her parents in Malacca. In fact, her father’s brothers and sisters lived together in their old family home. It was their grandparent’s house and it where they grew up but unfortunately their grandparents past away before Molly was born.

It was a single storey wooden house but have many rooms have added to cater for all the aunties and uncles and a large garden. Molly loved the old house and living with her aunties and uncles. Like an old house there were a lot of eerie sounds at nights. There was sound of a person boiling water in the kitchen and the sound of wooden clogs with the “clacking” like walking in the wet kitchen or bathroom, like in the old days.

There are nights where they can hear the sound busy typing sound from the old typewriter which was placed secluded in the kitchen. It was grandpa’s old typewriter which he uses every night when he was alive. One of Molly’s aunty used to complain about the incessant sound of typing. Then her youngest uncle finally agreed to bring the typewriter into his own room. Molly and her siblings were told that the strange sounds were grandma’s and grandpa’s moving about.

As the years passed, Molly and her siblings, moved to a more modern house in Malacca with her parents. In fact, her aunties and uncles got married and move to their respective homes. It was decided to get rid of their family home. Their youngest uncle, who have migrated to Australia, also decided to come home and dispose of their personal stuff from their own family home.

Her youngest uncle could not locate his father’s old typewriter from his old room or anywhere in the old house. Further questions from his brothers and sisters confirmed that they had not seen the old typewriter! One of Molly’s younger sister innocently asked whether that grandma and grandpa is moving out, probably grandpa will bring along his old typewriter to heaven.