Old Man Near Convent School

Shanti used to stay at Taiping in the state of Perak. She was only 8 years old at that time and lived with her parents and a younger brother and sister when this ghostly encounter happened. Her parents stayed near her school at the convent and she used to ride in the school bus every morning and be back when the school ends at 1.30 pm.

It was 6.30 am when she got on her school bus and sat at her favorite place at the back of the bus. When she was casually looking at the scenery, she saw an old man standing alone beside the small lane leading to the convent. He was just standing looking at the other end of the road as if he was lost and deep in thoughts. Shanti turned to look at the old man until he was no longer in view when the bus into the convent.

On the 2nd morning, Shanti was not expecting to see the old man but she was surprised to see the old man at the same spot at the lane. However, this time he was not only there but he was staring directly at her with an odd looking smile. She was astonished that she looked hurried away trying to look busy in the bus. She was glad the school bus finally arrived at the convent and she went to her class.

However on the 3rd day, Shanti thought the old man could not possibly be there but was surprised to see the old man at exactly the same spot on the lane. The old man was still looking intently at Shanti with the odd looking smile. Without warning, the old man’s mouth gaped wider and wider until the mouth covered his entire face. The mouth covered so much of his face that the eyes and nose were missing, just the whole face, a headless face!

Shanti could only scream and scream at the inexplicable encounter something that just does not make sense! The bus driver frightened by the screams stop the bus and he and the rest of the students tried to pacify Shanti. The parents were called and they her home. Since then, Shanti’s father drived her to school himself, but using a different route.