Pair of Feet

Carol Ho was running late as she just finished her work at 2.30 pm on a Saturday. She has rushed to Taman Melaka Raya in Malacca for colleague’s “full moon” (a Chinese custom that after the first month of a baby’s birth there is a celebration of the event) when she arrived at the place, everybody were happily eating and chatting. Her friend and her husband ushered her in their house. Her colleague had prepared a simple meal for her friends.

After meeting up with her friends, she was finally brought to the kitchen to sample the many dishes before her friend was called back to the living room. She decided on the fried noodles first and she got an empty plate to take the noodles from the wok (Chinese frying pan).

While she was in the kitchen alone, she sense as if somebody was looking at her. Looking around the kitchen, she noticed that the door leading to the storeroom in the kitchen was open and vaguely saw a partly apparition. Carol was said to have born with a “third eye” (those that can see or sense spirits or ghosts – a Chinese belief) and sometimes can see paranormal or supernatural things.

As she stared at the vaguely apparition, she as she focused intently her eyes as she realize that she could a pair of feet, she thinks a lady’s feet up below the knees and nothing else below that! Her colleague called her at that instant, asking Carol to come back into the living room and when Carol turn her head to the door of the store room, the apparition has disappeared.

After a quick scan of the kitchen, Carol left and when back to join her friends. Carol never told her colleague about the incident because she did not want to frighten her and because she sensed the apparition was just lost. She thinks that ghostly apparition just want to relive the past and share the happiness and joy between friends and family.