Paranormal Activity in My Room

I’m an optimistic when it comes to the paranormal activity, I’d like to believe that there’s an afterlife. Nevertheless, my mam, on the other hand, believes that there’s something, and my dad believes there’s nothing. Often when the family is together we watch paranormal activity in TV with medians and most haunted places just out of curiosity. Something occurred today that scared me slightly. I’ll set the scene. I was in my room (medium size) no mirrors, bunk bed with a sofa underneath, television, laminate flooring.

I just had the ceiling light on and was sitting on the bottom of the bunk (that slightly dark when you sit under it). I was browsing the internet on my laptop that I do on a regular basis within my room when suddenly I spotted a ‘bright white circle’ no bigger than a few centimeters in the corner of my eye, I quickly reacted and looked as natural instincts do. Before I could focus on it, it faded away. It seemed like it drifted a bit and faded out after a second, or two. At this point my ears went high pitched, as if someone got a TV running.

I was nervous and unsure so I banged down to my parents for reassurance. I waited a second and looked around the room anxiously whilst being paranoid. My eyes were drawn to the curtains, I noticed that they were slightly shimmering a bit as if someone had touched it. No draft in the room, window was closed and door was shut tight. At that point, I forced my laptop off and wanted to get out of the room. I looked in the reflection of my LCD TV (that was off) and I could see a reflection of a small glowing white light.

I span the gaming chair around (that faces the TV) and there was nothing. I thought it was my mobile at first, that I left on the chair, and that someone had sent me a text and that the screen had lit up. In surprise, when I rotated the seat, there was nothing. I then recalled leaving my mobile downstairs, so obviously it wasn’t the light from the mobile phone.

At this point I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to leave the room. I shouted down again to my parents and my mam came up the stairs promptly. She was concerned and asked me what was wrong, in a quick reply not thinking straight I replied, “Nothing.” I didn’t really know what to say. I left the room immediately and used the downstairs PC to ask for some advice.

The history of my house? Well, we’re the second residents to live there. The original residents went to an old pensioner’s home prior to us moving in, so no one has died here. We’ve lived in the house for thirteen years and haven’t experienced anything paranormal. My grandma used to live with us for several years, in the room I experienced the strange light in. However there was an upset and she left us, and soon after she left us she past away with unfinished business and a lot of family upset.

The only past experience I’ve had within the house is when I’ve been ill. I remember waking up one night and feeling disorientated. I can remember earring a faint voice repeat itself saying jargon. I can’t remember precisely what it said, but it wasn’t my voice, neither was it a relative’s voice. I remember having something like ‘long vision’ where everything appeared up close. Really a strange experience, however I’ve always placed it down to being ill or lack of sleep. This has happened about three times over a period of seven years or more.

I’ve been stressed lately, so I resort to my room to calm down and isolate myself away from everyone and the University and that’s getting on top of me. I’m slightly afraid to stay in the room. I want to go back and see if it will happen again but I need courage. At the moment, I think I’ll sleep in the spare room.