Phone Box

It has been almost 10 years since. That’s right, it was a time when there were phone boxes around the city. Friday before a three consecutive holidays. I drank well with colleagues. Before 1 midnight, eat ramen in a stall to finish, flow dissolution. And, suddenly, I came up with it. I have no particular plan tomorrow, I’m going to walk home with a drunk alarm.

The last train has passed, but it is easy to take a taxi. But it seems like a hangover is terrible. Because I did not have a cell phone, I decided to call my mother on the phone box “I will walk home”. At that time there was usually a telephone box at the bus stop on the main road. I entered the telephone box at the first bus stop. Is it? Is something strange? Smell of perfume. If you look carefully the handset remains on the phone.

When I listened to the earpiece, the call had already expired and only the inorganic electronic sound was heard. I thought that the drunkard was left behind and returned the hook to the hook. Then a 10 coin in the return opening with sounds, six pieces. Lucky. I called my mother with two 10 coins and walked out putting the remaining 40 coins in my pocket. But, something you care about, are not you? I looked into the telephone box at the next bus stop.

After all the receiver is on the phone. And smell of perfume. The other side of the receiver is an electronic sound, returning the receiver to the hook will now have 5-10 coin. It is the same for the next phone box and the next phone box. A handset on the telephone. Electronic sound and returning 10 coin. There are already 19 sheets.

When I saw the next phone box, I felt I could see the people walking away. The smell of irritating perfume. There are also five 10 coins, 24 in total. And then the next phone box. I can see the emerging people coming out of the telephone box. A woman (probably) in a dark red one, seemed to smile. I waited for the lady to go away and entered the telephone box. Place the receiver on your ear. I heard a crying voice.

“Hey, you are a kid, you already stop this kind of thing, please stop it. We can not get to sleep, we are going. Let’s talk about it properly, huh?” I hung up hastily. A 10 coin that comes back. “Why do you want to cut it on your own? Do not disturb me.” When turning around, a red one piece woman was looking into me from the back side of me.

A beautiful white face floating in the dark smiling and staring at me. “Hey, do not disturb me.” Beautiful face that was too far away, scared, scared and could not be seen by a very living human being. I jumped out of the phone box and ran at full power. The remaining 2 kilometers to the house is probably 6 minutes. I spew on the way ramen but kept running desperately.

Everyone took out the 10 coin in the pocket where I could see the house and threw it away. When I could hear that woman from my back, I was not really minded. In the next few days, even if you changed clothes, the smell of perfume did not disappear even if you took a bath. I still do not know if the woman was a man or not.

Late at night, while wandering around the main road. How many monkeys were you walking with “that?” How many 10 coins were carried around? It was a scary experience for me not to be stylish. Of course I stopped walking after going out after drinking.