Phone Call From Father

Richard Looi was a top executive in a construction company in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. During that time, he was ask to go to Penang with his boss out a few details about a project that they were tendering. When he was in Penang, he got a phone call from his older brother that his father had a stroke.

As his brother told Richard that their father was alright after the stroke and was in a hospital. As Richard was very busy in Penang with his work he decided to get back to Kuala Lumpur when the work is done. Richard’s father works as a taxi driver although Richard has told his father and he will support him and he need not work. Although his father wants to carry on working driving his taxi, like he likes to say that at least he got something to do.

Richard’s mother passed away a couple of years ago and his father agreed reluctantly stay with Richard. At the very least, Richard managed to get his father a mobile phone so that his father can call him and his brother at any time. Unfortunately Richard’s father unexpectedly passed away from complications during the stay at the hospital. Richard rushed back to Kuala Lumpur for his father’s funeral and was buried with his late wife (Richard’s mother).

Richard got a very strange call, after his father has pass away 3 years ago, from someone asking him, “Why you did not come back?” He thought it must have been a crank call and slammed down his phone. He received a similar call several times during a week, with the same message, “Why you did not come back?” except the message was very unclear like, it was as if it was calling from far away like, *tssk or the reception was very poor.

He angrily checked on the mobile phone and when he saw the number it look familiar. He then check later and found it was father’s number. Furious and mad, Richard phone the mobile phone operator only to be told that the phone number has been disconnected! He called his older brother and told him about the strange calls and the phone number but his brother was equally amazed.

He got a final call when he was eating at hawker food stall with his girl friend one night. Once again, in a fuzzy and disorient voice again asked, “Why you did not come?” Frustrated and truly confused, Richard desperately muttered, “Papa. I am so sorry”. The line was disconnected and Richard never received the call again.