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A story heard from a friend. Yukiko lives in Shinjuku for about an hour by private railway. On that day, the overtime that was continuous was over and I was on a holiday on Saturday, so I decided to drink till late night with my colleague and come back home on the last train. There are few taxis from the usual station in front of the station where Ms. Yukiko is going through, and there are many cases where a queue waiting for a taxi is made when it is near midnight.

The last of the buses I always use was early, the home time was late for the past week, and I used a taxi every evening. When preparing and going in front of the station, there is no rare queue waiting queue. There is only one middle-aged woman standing. I see, today is Saturday. As I was about to head to the taxi stand, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, overtaking Yukiko, a salaried-man, man lined behind a middle-aged woman.

Although it was taken for a moment, I was a bit awkward, but there are only two people, so I can ride a taxi immediately without waiting. Yukiko ranked behind the man. There was a short taxi coming soon, carrying a middle-aged woman. OK, there are two more. When the first one left and waited for 15 minutes, the shutter at the station’s staircase closed a loud noise behind me.

When turning around, the station attendant goes into the office while checking. Will electricity go out while I am waiting for a taxi? Will it stop living with station workers? When Yukiko who contacted her at home with her mobile phones thought about such things, I could see the taxi ‘s headlight. A salaried man gets on the taxi that came.

While seeing a taxi away from the station, Mr. Yukiko thought of it. It takes 20 minutes for this taxi to come, the waiting time is longer than usual. As usual it was not so early that the number of revolutions of the taxi was a little more. The first taxi is black and the current taxi is also black. Always there was no white taxi? As it is a holiday, is there no use of a taxi? A taxi came in about 20 minutes. It was a black taxi.

It probably was operating only one machine. Yukiko took a taxi and told her destination. “To the town”. Please contact XX heavy equipment. As I approached Yukiko’s home, I told the driver the construction machine storage place of a certain famous manufacturer who became a marker. Yukiko ‘s home is along the farm road that crossed a small irrigation canal next to the construction machine repository, so you can not enter the car.

“Your work is serious, is it night shift or something?” Although the driver spoke to us, Yukiko was tired and troublesome, so I am ambiguously replied “Yeah, well,” etc. As it approached the construction machine storage site, the driver said that he was about to give out a taxi fare from his wallet. “Customers, people of ×× heavy machinery?” It is a busy driver, what exactly do you want to say? “No, it is wrong.” Stated strongly, taxi go through the construction machine storage place. Surprised and Yukiko said, “Oh, here, here.”

“Driver, here is good!” Suddenly Mukuzuki said, as the driver ran. “The customer, did you get on Tuesday too?” I said. In the meantime I will run quickly. Certainly we used a cab every evening this week, but what about it? Yukiko who did not know the translation and has settled. After a couple of minutes or so, when I ran the national highway, I could see the convenience store’s light, and the taxi entered the parking lot.

When I stopped the taxi, the driver looked behind and said the driver. “I’m sorry, but a guest, but it’s not a bit.” The driver takes out the business card. “Because the company’s phone number is here, if you have a complaint please say my name and I’m willing to call.” I said preamble and said. It was this taxi that put Snowko on Tuesday.

Although I did not notice at the beginning, it seems to have remembered with the name of the example xx heavy machine. “Actually, I put a man in front of the customer,” It is a salaried man who passed Yukiko. “That guy got down on a heavy equipment xx.” In the taxi, the man was calling by cell phone. He said that he was talking “I will arrive soon” or “How long is it after”.

By the way, the driver remembered how the night shifts said, what happened to the night shift, but I do not know why it passed by so far. When Yukiko asked, “The customer seems not to be a person of XX heavy machinery, and I came here on Tuesday as well, I thought it was okay, is not it?” The office of the heavy equipment is not pointing to electricity, and if I was thinking that she was not an employee here, I noticed that one box was stopped on the other side of the road It seems.

“I wonder if they were riding four people, it was hidden when the light hits it, it would be unclear, because it was undoubtedly that man was in the driver’s seat, even though there was something I am also scared.” Yukiko shook himself reminding him to talk to his mother on the phone. “Yeah, now station. From riding a taxi up to xx heavy equipment.”