Road to Another World Part 2

“Did you get lost?” I thought so. Even so, it takes too much time. I do not know where this is (In the era without car navigation. Although there was once there was, It was not a substitute that can be mounted on students’ cars). The circumference is pitch dark. No, it is too dark. It is the darkness like inked ink. Anxiety spreads at a stretch.

“It is 99 talks on the story of A now.”
“Huh?” My senior who kept silent so far suddenly opened my mouth, I am surprised to hear back.
“So, now it’s A’s story, it was a ghost story 99th episode.”
“Oh, did we talk so much?” Feel free to take B
“I know it is an unexpected ghost story.” While I also accepted A as usual, only I was starting to get confused.

“Wait a moment, wait a moment, wait a moment.” To my senior story, I’m already panicking against A and B who are doing my partner fairly. I wanted to cry, but I do not hear it because of fear or tension. “Oh, I guess I’m going to get out, but actually, At first, in the dark, outdoors, they talked about ghost stories 100 episodes.”

“Well, I knew it for the first time.” And B.
“Oh, at least it seems to have been so. So, after speaking 100 episodes, youkai does not appear. The door to the other world where such thing exists is opened and drawn in there. What was it?” My seniors talk strangely with intonation, no, no emotional voice.

“Oh, the door to the other world is like a manga.” And B.
“Oh, so the Teikai University professor of Meiji and the graduate students of the Showa era,
Listen to that legend that is transmitted to this place.”

“Wait a moment everyone!” Finally I can hear your voice.
“What is it, did you scold me?” And A.
“That’s not it, Senpai, where am I? It is dark around, there is not one street, when will it come out at high speed?” It was almost a tear voice with fear.

While screaming I noticed, this car has never stopped. No, if you think carefully well, you do not even have a crooked sign. The circumference is pitch dark, no, it is living even with headlight. The front is also dark darkness. “Why are you realizing now! It is!” I poisoned myself, but let me keep on talking about my seniors as it is. Dangerous, no, even such easy things are gone.

What it says, such unspeakable, instinctive fear is driven by. I continued while becoming a tear voice by panic and fear. “Think carefully, why is it such a dark surrounding!? 99 stories Ghost story talking? How long have you been doing? But, why, can not afford anywhere! It is!”

“I will arrive soon. There is no intonation and emotion, what is it. Seniors’ voice, someone not senior is talking. It was such a voice of feeling”. The car stopped with a sharp scream of sudden braking. I was wearing a seat belt, but I bumped my head against the front seat. “Ah, sorry guys, are you OK?”. Senior Looking around, although far away, you can see the light of the private house and you can see the street in front of the road.

More than anything, you can see the light of the headlight. “Well, I could return.” I do not know why I thought, but I feel relieved. I felt that the power of the whole body is falling out with the feeling released from fear. My seniors got off the car and were checking in front of the car. “Sorry, I crossed my eyes and I saw a white shadow. What, what are you guys?” My seniors ask questions about the unusual atmosphere of the three people in the car.

At least not the seniors. It seems that there is no mistake that it is always seniors. Three of us also went outside the car to suck the outside air, after calming down. I will tell my background to my senior. “You guys are carrying me?” Senior story, entering the mountain path, When I told that “There is a legend of spiritedness around here.”

As I had a feeling like something like a black mist, “Have you been attacked by drowsiness?” When I thought it was something, I saw a white shadow, so I took a sudden braking. Yes, the subsequent story is not in my memory. Seniors’ story is true, indeed, around this time, during the Meiji era, the 1950s, There was a spirited case.

In this traditional passage, in the middle of the night, outdoors, after the evening, until dawn. If you do a hundred story ghost stories, you can go to a different world. There is a tradition of saying. Local local historical researchers and others, in the Sengoku, Edo period, It is still harsh, a time when famine and other people were frequently hit.

(And, in this area, the land was thin, it was a poor area) Because there was a kind of faith that “I want to abandon the painful victim and go to another world” Was not such a tradition born? And saying that. So, the professors of the Meiji Era (and also their assistants) It is said that graduate students in the 1930 ‘s are said to have done it.

“I certainly want to try it when I heard that story. There was something I thought.” Seniors had a blue face as expected. Looking at the time, after 1:30, the entrance to the mountain road. It was not soon, but it looked down. And, next to the car, I saw a small, stone-made shrine. Everyone kept silent, after praying to the shrine, I took a car. It was after a mysterious experience, but what you say, it’s okay now. There was a strange relief feeling, and I felt little fear.

“Well, as the left cheek a bit hurts, change the driving at the high-speed entrance.”
“Oh, that’s okay, I will drive,” And B After that there was nothing wrong with Tokyo. But then, no matter how much I try to remember. I can not remember a story about a ghost that is close to 30 episodes. I certainly remember the few stories I talked about. After that, I can not remember what I talked about.

That mysterious experience, above all, that dark sight. I still remember it as it is. I met with my seniors A, B, after a long absence at the recent OB meeting. It was a magical experience at that time that I became a topic. “Well, Highway Hypnosys. Maybe it was like group hypnosis?” We try to forcibly explain mysterious experiences.

Since I hesitated a little for such three of us, my seniors “Actually, on that road, a recent disappearance incident has occurred.” In the end, whatever was witnessed that a car on board the local youth entered that road, Some people are missing since then.