Road to Another World

I was a college student already ten years ago. I went to club activities summer camp (to call it nominal travel), on that way. Invited by a senior whose parents are close to the university’s camping facilities. I was watching a local fireworks display. After the fireworks festival, we enjoyed the fireworks bought at the river near the venue.

I had my senior ‘s car ride as it was, and I decided to return to Tokyo. As I enjoyed fireworks at Kawahara and departed for a while after departure. Time was going to be 1 o’clock after 12 o’clock. Although it is extremely dangerous to think from now, because of youth. Nobody cared about such a thing.

“Senpai, please go on driving if you get tired, we will change.”
“Oh, Son Ten Garbage. Until we get on high-speed, I only know the way. It’s about 60 minutes slowly going up to speed, with the first SA ride, I might change my driving. But do not bump it. My favorite car.”
“No problem.”

Everyone (Although it was 4 people including seniors and myself) I will get on to a senior car and leave. Senior in the driver’s seat, A in the passenger’s seat, me and the other B are back seat. It began running about 10 to 15 minutes and the car began to approach the mountain path. It is said that there is Inter when crossing this road.

“Do you know? There is a tradition of spiritedness around here.” My seniors begin speaking.
“Oh, in my country there was a mountain with that tradition.” And B.
“Oh, but this time, after the Meiji era. No, it seems that spiritedness has occurred even after the war.”
“Are you serious?”

“Oh, in the Meiji period, the Japanese are caught up in superstition. I prove that the professor of the young Emperor who was thinking is a superstition. As I ran it here, I was in a spirited place.”
“Well, it is missing as it is, is that spirit, is not it?”
“Oh yeah, then, people around here are afraid of it. I have stopped getting close to this mountain. But after the war, its memory faded, I guess the atmosphere after the war? About 30 years old graduate students in Tokyo came here and tried to investigate the spirited case. After all it was missing. “

“But after the war, I will move with the police. No, I think it will work in the Meiji era, though.”
“Oh, I did a mountain hunt with police, fire brigades, or total mobilizers. After all it did not have any clue. Well, as it is after the war, it’s a countryside. The elderly people are still superstitious. It’s a story that I did not want to enter the mountain at first.”
“Oh, did you appear in the newspaper?”
“It seems that it appeared in the local newspaper.”

“Did you get involved in some incident?”
“Well, it may be such a place, but local elderly people. After all the spiritual tradition was true. Opinion Because it felt like playful mood, I was in spirit. It rumored that it was rumored.”
“It is like a novel by Masashi Yokomizo somehow, Mitsuhiko Asami.”
“Spirited legend murder case”

Four people who laugh lightly. “By the way, even in my countryside.” B took over the story and started talking about local ghost stories. After B finished talking, A started a ghost story of a school he heard during high school days. In this way I will not be able to not speak. I will also talk about the ghost stories I heard about during junior high school.

So, when I finished talking, B did not prompt me again, but B started ghost stories again. Well, drowsiness is said to be the best to talk, dangerous night drive. If everyone talks (and ghost stories) like this, drowsiness may also fly. I also thought so, after B, I started ghost stories again and after the story of A finished, I started a ghost story. Continue talking in order of B → A → me.

Seniors tried to get involved in the story on the way, but I want to concentrate on driving. Also, as long as you hear a ghost story you will not be sleepy, so I am going around to listeners. After all, I decided to continue talks with A, B. I do not remember how long it took us since I was not watching the clock. I noticed somewhat strange things on the way. I have been making a ghost story more than 10 times. B → A → me.

Because we were adhering to the order that we are talking about more than 30 ghost stories everyone. Even if it takes 3 minutes for one story it will take 90 minutes to calculate. It is okay even if you are on a high-speed ride, but there is no sign of coming out of the mountain path yet. “Because of this situation, do you feel that time will be long?.” I was wondering, but at the same time I thought so.

Hey, it’s your turn. “Oh, then.” A is urged, again I will start a ghost story. Then, the question which I got caught stops there, and it returns to the circle of a ghost story again. “It is the story.” I will finish a ghost story that A does not know how many times it will be. “Next is my turn” When I started thinking about what to talk about, Suddenly the doubt caught my mind.

After that, ten times, or twenty times, we are talking about ghost stories. It seems like we had a ghost story for more than 30 times if we combined. No, actually it may not be that much. It is a fact that we talked quite a number of ghost stories. In terms of time, one hour, no, two hours should have been passed long ago. Nevertheless I have not left the mountain path yet. Next story road to antoher world part 2.