Scary ‘Dongdon’ Sound

I am a psychic experience around junior high school students. I have a younger brother four years younger. And, there are four men and a father and a mother. Although I was an event in junior high school students, I thought that it was a hot spring of some sort in my family, but I went on a trip.

We stayed in a room with four people at the inn for that day. I spent the whole day without anything. I was chasing at the inn, but also when I went to a hot spring and had meal and spent in the room. From the next room, I heard a loud sound called “dongdon!” At the beginning, I was listening to the feeling that “Guests in the next room are noisy¬∑” But as soon as I could not say, the “dongdon” sound began to sound many times.

Everyone in the family had heard it, but it was already late at night, so I decided to go to bed that day. While I was asleep I did not get much sound like *dongdon, (although I had been there several times.) I could sleep. The next day, I stayed only for one night staying at the hotel there, but once I got a complaint in the inn, I decided to make the story last night to stay in the inn.

I tried talking. I was surprised at the hotel. Because there was no room next to our room where we stayed! That’s right, I told the hotel owner, and when I went to check it in a hurry, there certainly was no room. Judging from the position where the sound is heard, there is no room in the place where it seems to be absolutely!

There was no room, that is, it was just a wall, or it was a space that could not sound like anyway! Then what was that sound? That sound called “dongdon” as if you hit by hand from the next. Even now, nearly ten years have passed, I can remember vividly the scenery and feelings at that time and of course the sound “dongdon” as memories that I can not forget.

Even my younger brother clearly remembers it. But even more scary. How, my parents do not remember! I do not feel like lying. It’s obvious that it’s an age because it’s obvious, but even so, I can not possibly remember it at all! I heard that sound together and talked, it was my parents who said complaints, and I’ve been talking a couple of times afterwards.

At first I thought that I was a memory mistake, but at the time I clearly remember my younger brother, there is no mistake in reality events! I wonder what sound that sounds like, but why have I disappeared from my parents’ memory? It is frightening.