Scary House

When I was in about grade 6, my family and I moved into a new home. I never liked that house since the first time I went in, but my parents insisted they were getting a great deal and we moved in. The house was also number 27 on the block.

For the first year nothing too spectacular happened, although I could never get to sleep without my mother’s comfort, which was strange. The next year, when I was about 12 my mom had another baby. I used to have my room upstairs which, one of my little brothers and I slept in, in a bunk bed. One night I was sleeping on the top bunk, and my mom was putting my little brother to sleep on the lower bunk, as he was much younger than me and wanted her to put him to bed.

My mom and brother had both fallen asleep on the bottom bunk. But in the middle of the night I was awoken by the old antique rocking chair in the living room rocking. At first I thought it was just my step dad rocking my baby brother back to sleep, as that was normal when the baby would fuss in the night. But I then heard my step dad cough from my parents room beside mine. I also looked down and saw my mom and brother still on the bottom bunk. I was quite scared at this point.

After probably five minutes the rocking stop and there were three loud knocks on the wall. This absolutely terrified me and I had to climb down to the bottom bunk with my mom and sleep there. I asked if my step dad had rocked the baby last night and he said no, and he had also heard the rocking and the strange knocks on the wall.

Another strange thing happened a few years later when I was about 15. I had recently moved my bedroom into the basement, but had been terrified of sleeping down there. Also the lamp beside my bed would strangely burn out way faster than the light bulb normally should, so in order to turn out the light I would have to cross the room to the light switch and turn out the light, and I would run back to my bed and jump in as fast as I could, as I am really scared of the dark, and that room was just generally creepy.

Anyways, one night I was up until about 1:30 talking on the phone to a boy. As I hung up the phone I routinely walked across the room to the light switch, shut it off and ran and jumped back into bed. Before I shut my eyes I looked at my alarm clock to check the time as I had to be up early the next morning. To my surprise the LED numbers had changed into to capital letters spelling out the word “No”. I was absolutely terrified! The letter remained there for about a minute and then switched back to the time. I ran upstairs and had to persuade my mom to come down to the basement to sleep with me, as I would never have been able to sleep down there alone that night. It was a really weird occurrence, which terrified me to no end.

Throughout the years we lived there many little strange happenings went on too. Everyone’s shoes would be neatly placed in pairs in the front closet and many times one shoe would go missing, and we would be unable to find it for months, only to find the missing shoe later in strange place. This happened several times. Also my mom collects angels, almost every single angel that would be brought to the house would end up with a broken right wing. This could be a coincidence but it’s still creepy! And it was definitely not done by any of my younger siblings as they would not be able to reach most of them, or not them down in any way.

Last year, once we moved out to a new home, my step dad decided to tell me about the two sightings he saw of the same man. One when he was walking down the hall during the night, the man walked right out in front of him and crossed his path, the second was when he walked up the stairs into the living he saw the same man standing and looking out the window. Thankfully he waited to tell me these as I am terrified of ghosts, and I had a hard time in that house without knowing of those sightings! Many other friends and family who stayed in the house also found the house unnerving to sleep in.

I am now almost 17 and am still terrified of that house but lucky for me we have moved haha! My mom and I still like to joke that the house was number 13 making it unlucky and scary. But I think that’s a coincidence, but still it’s spooky to add to all these occurrences! Sorry it’s so long, but there are multiple stories from that home!