Scary Story During Wartime Heard From My Grandfather

A scary story that remained the most impressed I heard from my grandfather. My grandfather who was youth during World War II and was in youth was born with bad legs and could not walk, but he seemed to have been unable to walk properly so he could not escape conscripts and fostered family members in Hiroshima Prefecture he seemed to have survived while receiving it.

Although the war ended, Hiroshima who had grandfathers seems to have been really hell with the influence of the atomic bomb. It seems that the living side as well as the safety side was decently rougher when I was in the middle of the war. Grandfather who had escaped the atomic bomb as it was a good place gathered the copper etc. of the destroyed wire and stabilized the life.

It was a story of that time, but my grandfather said that he often saw a person without shadows. Whether you are pulling baggage by yourself in the evening, daytime or anytime. At that time Hiroshima was talked about the shadow of the atomic bomb victims on the roads and walls often, so it seems that my grandfather thought that they were those who died by exposure to the atomic bombing.

They seemed to be really alive because they had a pale face and were standing idly. Rather than living in the middle of the town without doing anything from daytime without doing anything, there are many living people who do not have any skills to operate food as well.

So they only live in the presence or absence of a shadow or die. It seems that he did not know whether it was. The story I was most afraid of my grandfather’s story that he was talking about that era was not a world so far before the time he was born. Because he was a grandfather’s third anniversary, I dropped it, I am sorry.