Scary Woman

One night, a father and a son got stuck on a snowy mountain. They were planning to go home after spending a night at a rented cabin, but at this weather it didn’t seem to be such a good idea. The father called his wife to tell them they were stuck in the cabin, and it might take another day until they can return safely. As the father reassured the boy that they were safe, they decided to spend another night.

After dinner, they heard a knock from the door. It wasn’t snowing anymore at this time, so they were wondering who could possibly want anything from them. It wasn’t dangerous to drive outside, since the road wouldn’t freeze up at this temperature. The father opened the door, and saw a man standing outside.

“Thank god there is someone here, I was wondering if you can let me in!” The man looked nervous more than feeling discomfort from the cold. He added, “I have to wait until my wife gets here, and I didn’t want to wait in the car. I saw your cabin up the road, so I thought I could join you guys just for an hour til my wife gets here.”

The father opened his mouth to give the man permission to enter the cabin, until he was interrupted. His son started to cry out loud. For some reason, the boy was terrified. “What’s the matter?” The father asked. “Dad, please don’t let anybody in. Please don’t!!!” The boy yelled.

The man looked offended, and said nothing. While the father tried calming his son, the man gave up and went away. Soon after the man left, the boy ran and locked the door to the cabin. The father, curious to his son’s behavior, asked why he was so upset. The boy just cried with fear, and told his father nothing. So, after locking the doors, the father put some wood into the fire place to keep the cabin warm.

Around mid-night, the man came back again. This time, the man did not knock on the door, but he was trying to open the door by force. The boy noticed the noise, but the father told his son to stay quiet. After a minute or two, the man went over to the windows, and started breaking them. The father was relieved to know that he had shut the wooden cover window inside the cabin. When the man found out that there was no way to enter the cabin, he walked away.

The father stayed awake all the night, afraid that the man might come back sometime again. Next morning, the snow stop falling and the streets were cleared up. The father checked the TV, to see how the road conditions are. He was shocked to see a familiar face on the news.

“Jeffery Will was caught early this morning for murder of his wife, Kathy Will.” The son woke up with the sound of the television. The TV had a picture of the man who visited the night before. Beside his picture, there was the picture of his ex-wife.

“The victim was found in the mountains, cut up with a knife.” The father turned off the T.V. so his son doesn’t get frightened. “Son, thank you for telling me not let the man inside. How did you know?” The boy looked up to his father, and pointed towards the television. “No daddy, I wasn’t talking about the man. I was talking about the scary woman behind him. She was all bleeding, and she was right behind the man looking very angry. She is the same woman that was on the TV.”