Sensitive and Angry Imaginary Friend

There is a saying that people must be careful and be sensitivity do what you say or do to the supernatural entities. My late grandmother had a saying that, when we were kids, it is important to ask for permission being simply peeing etc. away especially when outdoors. Ira was travelling to her house in Melaka after spending a few days at a relative’s house in Kedah.

She was with her husband who was driving, her mother, sister and her three kids. On the way, the kids have to stop for “pee breaks” and food. So they parked their car at one of the rest stop, do their stuff and also give the adults a break. Ira did not follow her family when they went for their lunch but instead waited for the rest at a partially covered shed near their car. She was with her youngest daughter, Mina who was 4 years old, who was in a bad-tempered and difficult mood.

Ira was busy sitting at the bench clearing her baggage whereas Mina was sitting beside her, playing with her toys. When Mina said in a childish angry voice, “leave my toys alone”. Ira was busy with her luggage, and thought it was only Mina’s imaginary friend, she said jokingly, “yes, leave Mina’s toys alone!” Later, Ira joked about Mina’s imaginary friend to her family.

When they finally got back to Melaka, they unpacked their luggage from their 2 day stay in Kedah. They had a simple dinner meal and finally got the kids to bed. Her husband wanted to watch the football in the TV. Ira was tired, with the travelling back from Kedah, and after she got the kids to go to bed, she decided to go to retire herself. As she was about to sleep and there was a strong gust of wind from her bedroom window, she suddenly felt her throat being strangle her neck and she could not breathe.

She gasped and screamed, with her hands firmly about her throat, trying desperately to free herself. With the commotion caused, her husband and Ira’s mother rushed into Ira’s bedroom. Her husband asked her what was wrong, confused that Ira’s hands were wrapped in her throat. Her mother who was holding Ira about her shoulders, suddenly realized what was going on and she pleaded, “sorry, sorry. I am an old woman and I am truly sorry, sorry, on behalf of my daughter”.

All of sudden Ira was alright just gasping for air and Ira’s mother and husband turned to say, “thank so much”. There was a gust of wind blowing the curtain away from the window, that is from the inside of the room towards the outside. They look at Ira at her angry welts on her neck, had full finger marks.