Seven People

Kami-san who worked on an island. On that day my work slowed down and I ran the car on the way by the sea. A small rain fell off with outside and the sea was undulating black. While running for a while, there is light in front of me. Apparently it seems to be doing construction. “Mai, you know, this road is the closest to return home.”

I thought, I asked the workers doing the construction how much further it takes. Then, it will end in a little bit. Apparently, it seems that work was prolonged due to this light rain. “Wondering if you are waiting,” I was waiting in the car. However, as time passed, I seemed to have stopped light rain, so I went out of the car as if I hit the wind.

When I started smoking for a while, I heard that the workers who were absent nearby talking. “Hey, do you know, the cape just above this road, it seems to me.”
“What kind?”
“There are seven buddies who have flowed to this island for a long time saying that there are seven people (seven people Misaki) and I went to beg for food in the village, but this old village is strict for strangers In addition, it seems that the year was rarely seen as a bad habit, and it seems that it was refused anywhere, so it seems that the shoguns who are about to starve to death died at the cape here while resenting this village.”

“It’s not only that, after that, in the village it seems that a strange disease has become popular, and quite a few people have died, so after building a memorial tower it has gone out of bloom, and then seven people It seems that bad things will happen if we speak ill of the buddies.”
“What a fool.”

“Even the truth, since the samurai who heard the story went to the cape to teach me to speak ill of a bad mood, then the horse I had ridden suddenly ramped, fell horse and died It seems to have been said that other people were run over by cars, committed suicide, etc. There were various things. ”
“Is it true?”
“Superstition, superstitious – why not try it.”
“Stop it!”

“Okay, I’m going to go away. Seven-Person Baka!”
“Okay, I also. Seven Shut Up Ahoo! Hague! Haha.”
“Tell me more, Baka!”
“See, nothing happens”

“Really, I wonder. I guess the seven-shaved daughter!”
“Is it about time to go back to work?”

That said, they returned to their place. Kami-san thought, “It’s true now” in my mind. After a few minutes, work was almost over. At the next moment when I closed the door, I thought it was about time, the cliff on the right collapsed with the sound of Dodo Daw. In the meantime, the earth and sand buried most of the construction site, and the sound of the stone hitting the ruggedness on the roof of the car and the scream of the workers came to be heard.

The car that Kamizan was riding was saved at the limit. Kawasaki who was stunned for a while, but immediately took out the mobile phone, he called an ambulance and police. A few hours later, Mr. Kamishi was listened to by the police. I got it by the police car and came here.
“Thank you for your cooperation”

I do not know why, but Kamishi asked the police officer.
“How much was hurt by you?”
Then the policeman said “Seven dead.”