Shadow Person

I am trying to figure out the meaning behind seeing a shadow person. I just had my first full experience with one last night and all day today all I can do is go over the encounter over and over again in my mind, and its just as terrifying each time I think of it. Last night I was coming out of my bathroom and I had a long body mirror leaning against my wall in front of me (I use it to get ready every morning-full length mirror).

And around the corner in the mirror there was a shadow person that must have been 6’7″-7 foot tall. This entity was huge! And it was literally around a small corner from where I was standing. I of course stared directly at it and it just stayed there in stunned believe and fear of the reflection, this thing had no face, just a head and shoulders, no features or colors to it other than black and I felt in danger.

I stared directly at this thing trying to analyze what I could of its shape and just what it was. I’m mad at myself now though because looking back I realize that I froze in fright and had my phone in my hand and should have taken a picture and also for some reason unknown to myself I never looked down to see the bottom portion of this entity. I was fixated on its head and shoulders. I was purely intimidated by what I was seeing and wanted to make sure I could react if it started to move closer to me.

So after around 20-25 seconds of analyizing this being I looked away on purpose to make sure I could justify if it was somehow a shadow person play in my room. I purposley did not move a muscle in the rest of my body so my position didnt change, and turned my head for a brief instant and looked back and it was gone. Then I panicked, I honestly think I was more frightened knowing it had completely disappeared then actually trying to figure out what it was.

I feel very uncomfortable today just thinking of it and I honestly never ever want to experience this being ever again for the rest of my days. This truly terrified me to the bone. Like when your a child with those chills of terror from head to toe that just paralyze you. Thats the fear I felt once I looked back and it was vanished. There is absolutely no doubt of what I stared at and studied for 20-25 seconds.

No face, Just shoulders and a head and a large blackness falling under the shoulders, but I cant tell you if the blackness went all of the way down to the floor or not because I truly was fixated on the upper portion, but it almost resembled something made out of jet black tissue paper. There was a very minute transparency to it, but it was blacker than the rest of its surroundings.