Shape Shifting Ghost

My ghost story begins when I was 14 years old. My aunt on my father’s side moved to another country and left the house to my parents as they were renting and it would obviously be better for us to live on a house we own. The first weeks in the house were completely quiet and peaceful, one of my cousins was living with us.

Once he had arranged all his things he also moved with my aunt and then the strange things started to happen. Every time I went to the bathroom I felt a cold spot just in front of the bathroom’s door. It was summer the first time I noticed this and the difference in temperature was alarming for me.

Then one morning my sister saw a girl with long brunette hair and wearing a long shirt going towards the bathroom from our bedroom’s door which was open. We used to sleep on bunk beds and she slept in the lower one, so she thought what she saw was me going to the bathroom. As minutes passed and I didn’t come back, she get up to see if everything was alright and then she saw that I was deeply asleep in my bed.

She got really scared. When she told my mother about this she tried to calm her saying that it might have been her imagination. I never experienced something like that with this particular entity. I mean, I never saw her while awake but when I began dance classes, I started dreaming of a girl who was exactly how my sister had described the one she saw.

In the dream she was always on a very dark room, she was wearing ballet shoes and a grey dress going to her knees and she was dancing, staring at me. I had this dream on a regular basis during all the years I lived on my parent’s house. Some weeks ago I was talking with my brother about this experience and he told me that he was always scared to look at himself into my mother’s mirror which is a full body mirror because there was always a girl his age.

He was around 6 at the time we moved to that house looking at him and standing by his side but she was only in the mirror. He said that he always saw the girl until he was 14 or so. I was curious whether our youngest brother saw her too so we went and asked him. He said that he always saw her when we moved but she seemed around 4 years old, the age he was at that time.

The strange thing is that both of them said that as they grew up the girl seemed to grow to match their age. I asked my aunt if someone had died in the house and she told me that there were some deaths while the house was being constructed and in the family that first owned it. She told me about a man that committed suicide and a girl who got electrocuted while trying to plug something in a power point near the bathroom.

A curious detail is that I don’t remember a time in which that power point wasn’t broken. No matter how many times my parents tried and fixed it, it always broke again and we never get to use it. My siblings and I think that the different girls we saw or dreamt were in fact this girl and that she changed the form in which she appeared to fit our ages and thus attract our attention. Anyway I don’t think she was trying to harm us, I think she felt alone.