Side Road Fruit Stall

Imran is a Graphics executive in Kuala Lumpur and after his dinner, he felt bored and restless. His friends are off to trekking in Pahang and he was all alone. He could not go as he had to work and some of his assignments were due. He thought of going to Mantin as he had heard that little town which has an old cemetery was haunted.

So he decided on driving all the way to Mantin to take a look. The cemetery was a bit scary in the dark, especially the trees and overgrown weeds. Still there was not much to see, so he finally decided to drive back to Kuala Lumpur after spending a few hours there. Mantin is a town in Malaysia. It is in the state/region of Negeri Sembilan. It is located about 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, and can be reached within 30 minutes from the Sungei Besi toll in Kuala Lumpur.

He decided to use the old road which was not very well lighted and he turned his music on his player. As he passed the old road he noticed that the fruit stalls along the road were empty “which is normal considering the time of about 2 am”. The whole side road and the fruit seller stalls were practically deserted.

Then when he passed the 7 stall, he saw a woman and her child at their stall and he unconsciously braked to slow down his car. The woman and her child were happily sitting and playing a plastic ball by themselves at their stall. He wondered, why the woman’s and the child’s faces were so drastically white and pale.

Only when the woman went to pick up a ball for her child, he noticed that she was kind of floating. Good, God! He realized that both of them are not alive! He fell on his accelerator and he sped off and he did not stop until he was back in Kuala Lumpur.