Signs That Make Spirits Easier to Possess

I was supposed to be a student in the Kansai area and return home to the Kanto where my parents are home on the way back to the train. I was a poor student and I aimed for my parents with a cheap late night bus. The accident began to occur in the late-night parking area. I did not expect it to be in a serious situation to me without inspiration.

Until last year, I was a poor student gnawing my parent’s shin. Moreover, I am apart from my parents’ house, and I have two hardships in my hard life as hard as I can hardly work part-time. Shamefully, it was a shin graze with a bursting burning mouth to the bone. I will not spare extra money. Because I am giving up my living expenses to the tuition, I will cover the transportation expenses when I return home,

“Because I will return on the bullet train, please give me about 20,000!” Why, I can not say it even if my mouth ripped. Now, in a convenient age, if you book a night bus for the net you can quit cheaply. As I was planning to return to the train without fail at the end of the year. I booked the cheapest bus every time and went home early.

I’m sorry, the introduction has become long. At that time even in the front of the tray, no four-row toilet, It is a night bus with a blurry weak. From the Kansai to the Kanto region, like other passengers, I was also confined to a narrow seat. If you have used the night bus, you will understand it. These buses stop by the service area every few hours and put a toilet break.

It’s about 10 to 15 minutes, but it is a particularly important break for a bus without a toilet. Apart from that, I have a friend who wants Kitty every time when I return home. I always got up in the service area and got off the bus. Even then I took off the bag and first headed to the toilet. Although it was midnight, there are also a number of night buses going to the Kanto in the parking lot. People are as it is.

So, behind me who came out of the toilet, even if a man comes out of the toilet. I did not feel any discomfort. When I entered the interior with vending machines lined up, I noticed an extraordinary pressure boiling from behind. And it is a smell. An unpleasant smell accompanied by heat and enthusiasm, like in the simplified toilet of fireworks display.

I thought that something flowed back from the stomach. I inadvertently pressed down my mouth. I noticed something more uncomfortable there. To the figure of a man standing right behind me, appearing on the white grounded floor on the left side. Stomach fluid and cold sweat rushed. The person standing behind is much taller than me who is short in tall dungeons.

As long as I caught a glimpse of the figure on the floor. I seemed to be staring at my head at once. The bad thing is that no one was on the vending machine section, and it was a blind spot from the souvenir corner. If I could not move with tension and it was hardened. I heard someone coming in from the back automatic door. Then the signs behind disappeared and the smell also moved away.

Although I felt the feel of touching my hair at the end. I did not care about it because I was relieved not being hit by a strange man. Since the end of the break time was approaching, I did not look back at the man who went away. I rushed into the bus in a panick. When I sit down in a seat, I have memories of that unpleasant smell. After that, we successfully connected the train to the destination.

When I see me who came back home. My mother said “I am useless, I have to cut my hair. I gathered up the long hair I dropped and suddenly cut a considerable length suddenly! I am boring. But my mother opened the front door and I could understand the meaning by looking at the hair scattered outside. My hair is black hair, but the hair dancing outside was pure white.

The hair that was still in my mother’s hand was like dust. Um, that unpleasant smell that attacks me. It was struck by a strong smell like concentrating what you sniffed in the service area. I also felt that he was standing behind me and he was getting excited. My mother who ran into the kitchen got back with salt. You are not throwing salt at the head!

In the form of a demon. “Do not agree if you hand out your daughter”. Whose child is watching me, this daught-up bast*rd! I was really scared because I would say. As soon as the salt runs out and you do not feel that unpleasant smell. My mother gathered salt and scattered hair carefully and started burning in the corner of the garden.

While placing additional salt on top so that you can make a salt pot with hair. “Become hypertensive in hell and die.” I murmured, so I was even more scared. Apparently I was witnessed by some bad spirits who were in the service area. She seems to have been given a sign to make the spirit easy to possess.

It seems that he already had some possession already. It seems that I got a story with my mother’s daunting spirit? I heard from my relatives and mother’s relatives that my mother had an inspiration. With such a rough spiritual method, it certainly should be a bitter smile when relatives talk about this. When I calm down, my mother. “Because I’m popular, I can speak to such a bast*rd.” I dropped the genkets together. To be honest, I do not want to be haunted anymore if I feel such a scary. The spiritual experience is discouraged.