Something Floated in the Air

Long ago, I saw something like *kune-kune with my mother. It remained in memory for a long time, as I became an adult and looked it up on the net, I thought it was similar to Kunekune so write it. It was when I lived in my grandmother’s house, was it time to go for fun? My grandmother’s house is in the countryside of Hyogo prefecture.

There is a field opposite the house, and there is a road beyond that. When looking at the road from the edge of the house, it is downhill from the left hand to the right hand. There are about 10 houses on the mountain side on the left hand, and if you climb as it is supposed to be a mountain road, there is nothing you have done.

It was when I was doing something in the living room. While my mother looked out from the edge side, “what’s that.” Going to the side of my mother and looking out from the side like the same way. I saw a long white one that floated in the air in the vicinity of the house opposite the house. It seemed like it was flying along the way.

While it seems to be blown by the wind, I also seemed to be moving. It is a movement that seems to be cramping with bikun-bikun somehow suffering. While wandering in the air fluffy, I went down the road to the right along the way. There was a slightly tall watch standing down the slope, but as I passed it, it disappeared at the same time.

My mother and I rushed to the clock fast, but something is not falling and I do not know what it was. It is only this, but when I tried it now I feel like I’m not even a kunekune. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, there was something that captured the image that the soul flew, but it was just a little longer like that kind of feeling.