Sound is!

Well, at the time of hammer it is already dawn, so it’s not atmosphere, but one at home. Since I got married, my residence became small, so I moved to the house my grandfather had. It is close to the city center, quiet in that split, and the house itself is pretty, I like it. “However, the single question of” You offered such a good property was found often.”

It was a night of the day when I moved there, although there was. When lying on the 2nd floor, I heard sluggish sounds from somewhere. That sound was frustrating¬∑ It was a mysterious sound that could be heard as a person was walking around, but “It is also a rat.”

And tomorrow I decided to set up a mouse Hui Hui, I did not care more than that, I fell asleep on that day. But the mouse did not hit the mouse, and the tooth profile and the food were destroyed. There was also no phenomenon peculiar to rats. In addition to sound. One day, my husband said that I was idle in my room, “What did I start in such a night?”

As I came in with an indignant face I answered “What, nothing else.” On top of that (my husband uses the room on the first floor) It is fly, bounced and it is very noisy with Dosunbatan. However, I have not done such a thing, so I have no choice but to say “I just am drowned.” My husband is a husband, “I heard the sound from a while ago!”

In the middle of the quarrel, two people almost noticed at the same time, but the room where I was was not on the room the husband was sleeping on. In other words, there was no one on the husband’s room. After that my house was noisy. As if only two couples live, there are at least 4 adults + 3 children + 1 large dog + 2 rats. It seems as though they are living together.

Even now, a voice coughing from behind the wall in front of the desk, an uncomfortable synthetic voice like when wearing a television. Other sounds are echoing.” “Of course there is no fact that someone is behind the wall (There is a garden between the neighbor). How long will the life with a cohabitant who can not be seen continue? Because I knew this, my grandfather would give us this house! Is it?