Sound of the Footsteps

I used to play games with my friends a long time ago. Between me and my friends, were hooked at that game each other. At that time almost every weekend I went to my friend’s apartment. I played the game on a regular basis all night. Once start the game it is troublesome to do other things. I always bought a lot of snacks and juice at a convenience store before I go to my friend’s apartment.

I played it in that way, but when I played it as usual on a weekend. The juice has run out when I went all night on the second day. Because it is troublesome to go to convenience stores. My friend told me “I get down and buy juice with a vending machine”. My friend’s room was on the third floor, but as I got off to the first floor there was a vending machine right along the way.

Me too “Oh, thank you. I will make my own number finish before you come back.” I was waiting alone while playing games. Friends did not return unintentionally after 30 minutes, even after 30 minutes. I saw the clock and it was half past midnight. I had a bit of a bad feeling. “Well I changed my mind and went to a convenience store?” I thought only about it.

Then I got a phone call from my friend. When I got on the phone, my friend breathed heavily on the other side of the phone. It was like being frightened by something. “What’s wrong? Where are you now?” I heard that, “Now, huh, uh. Apart from the apartment about 500 meters. Ha ha! I tried to buy juice with a vending machine earlier. I met a strange old lady. It was scary!”

I had a long relationship with my friend. My friends are frightened, not have seen it before. I think I have to calm my friend for the time being “I will listen to the story later, so please go back anyway.” You said that “I would like to return, but I met an old lady at the apartment vending machine in the apartment, so I can not return.” I also wanted to get down to that moment and go to help my friend. When we somehow choked a friend and induced it to the apartment. Fortunately there seems to be no old woman. Friends naturally dashed to the room.

So, when asked what kind of old lady it was. Anyway, the fact that an old woman is walking alone around midnight around this apartment is abnormal. The old lady seemed to have dragged something a little heavy luggage. Even though my friends feels creepy in their appearance, be patient with ignoring “Please go through fast!”

It seems to have thought. And then the old woman tried to pass behind my friend. Suddenly the old woman stopped and lifted the luggage as if it embraced it, with a voice like pushing and killing “I’m sorry I take care of this luggage.” It seems to have said. Then my friend got out of tolerance and ran away from the place!

The atmosphere gradually became bright little by little, even with such a story it became possible to talk with jokes mixedly. So the strange old woman was walking like that in the middle of the night so it just feels creepy. It is not necessarily a ghost, and luggage is another ordinary luggage. In reality, I just encountered a funny grandmother, so the story ended. That night, my friends were tired and fell asleep earlier than usual. I really did not sleep so much.

Because I can not play games without having to sleep with friends sleep cycle. I also decided to go to bed. As usual the friend slept in bed, I slept on the floor properly. Since it takes only a short sleep at any rate, it may be on the floor. But I was not sleepy. I was lying down that night, but I could hardly sleep. I did not know how long time passed. I heard the elevator’s moving sound outside the room where I was silent.

This room is the closest to the elevator. Because I was sleeping sideways and the ears were directly on the floor. It sounded like the sound was coming to a close. No way. When I thought that, I should not move intuitively. I wanted to move the body uncomfortably that the sound directly transmitted to my ear. I thought that I should not move.

Desperately while I endured the sound of that slurp “Please go through fast!” I thought strongly. But, whether that baggage is quite heavy, or is it really old woman, its moving footsteps were abnormally late. Eventually the footsteps had stopped. I could not hear it passed through the door of this room.

“Are you stopping in front of the door in this room?” I got a bad sweat coming out! I thought that I should not move absolutely. I wanted to talk to my friends, but my friends let me sleep. It seemed that he really had a sound sleep. The structure of this room has changed a bit. It was a bit different from the room of a typical apartment. When I open the door, there is a suddenly long living room.

Even though strangers come through collections etc, I feel like I can see the whole room as soon as I open the door. In other words, with a strange guy who stopped at the other side of the door at that time. Although I was lying I’d say that the distance is across the door. I was only about 3 meters away.

“It is absolutely seen!” I desperately killed my breath. I thought that I want to leave this room soon. After a long and long silence, the footsteps dragged something back and forth again. I went further to the room next to the back. I was relieved but in the room next to that. I tried to force the door open! I clearly understood that he was not a dweller on this floor.

However, from trying to open the door forcefully. I only felt that he was not such a ghost or something like that. I just knew it already, so I guess this worst time will pass sooner. I wanted to go to bed. And because I understood that I was given up with that room and went to the next room next to the back, I turned my body gently while killing my breath as much as possible.

I got my ears off the floor and the footsteps themselves went far away, so I could hardly hear footsteps. I finally came out a little and I was getting sleepy. Then, *Zurtsurtsu! Also footsteps came back! I really wanted to give up. But next time, the footsteps of the next room etc passed through.

I hoped that this room will pass as well, but again. The footsteps stopped again in front of the door in this room. I’m about to open the door! I got stiff my body. But at that time my friend felt that sound uncomfortable “Wow!” While sleeping, I turned over to sleep. I opened my eyes and gazed at my friends, I could see the light of the day from the curtain.

It seems that a little night has come to light. When I noticed, I did not even hear the sound of the door or footsteps and I did not feel any signs over the door. Before I noticed, did he get off with an elevator? do not know. After that my friend did not talk of the old woman at that night and seemed to forget it brightly. So I also dared to talk about what I experienced that night. Currently my friends are moving on business. But I recall occasionally that night. I do not put out my friends, but I think the same as me.