Spirited Out by More Than 10 People

My school is scary. The number of people missing is not a huge. About 20 years ago, together with men and women. There are students who were spirited up by ten or more people. It is said to be a cannibalism classroom. It is on the 3rd floor of the schoolhouse on the west side and there is a particular problem in appearance.

There is nothing. I also went into it several time. I did not feel strange either. Homeroom teacher said, after school on Saturday in summer. Students remaining in the class alone. It is said that it has disappeared before it. When my friend I remained in the classroom there. It seems that he felt an intense eyesight.

Then a dizzy begins, just stay still. Because it seemed to be somehow. He ran away. Then come to the corridor and look back at that classroom. A smiley face with a clenching face at the glass. It seems that it was reflected in countless numbers, the glass of the classroom. I can hardly see it with foggy glass.

However, it seems that its face was shown clearly clearly. Recently I gave you something. Games and. It is manga and air gun etc. I will take care of your precious things one after another. I am giving it to good friends. I asked with doubt, I was told seriously that “I will die because I already die.”

I was taken for a moment, but is something sick as I take care? I heard that “I got caught, I got killed”. I was excited, I asked Mr. I a question. Then, I will tell you a story after that strange experience in that classroom. He told me. That night, I will come home and stay late. It seems that he was studying for a test.

And if I go to bed to sleep and see the bed. The gap under the bed, the face you saw during the day in that space. Nitanita It seems that he stared at me while laughing. It seems that there are about seven items instead of one, I. He said he ran away to his parents room and slept there. Then it seems that a flock of faces comes out every day.

The face sticks to the window of the bath. In the glass of McDonald’s, in the clock. It seems that they are coming in and they are chasing me anywhere. I was lying, it is feeling that animation is missing. I sleep all the time so that I do not see a face in class. I am worried about you.