Stairs of the Curse

Four people who were on good terms during junior high school during the spring vacation have decided to play their faces for the first time in a long time. I wanted to see my friend’s older brother in the talk stream. I decided to go to the condominium where my brother’s workplace is. But the apartment was a strange mansion saying that the elevator would not move if it turned around 0 o’clock.

A story that I experienced 4 days ago. Spring break was just beginning, I invited two male friends. I went to the house of another friend who had transferred to junior high school days. I was shaken by train from the morning, arrived at his house around noon and played until 11 o’clock in the evening. Because I met for a long time, I was upset by the four people and was stupid like an idiot.

I wanted to meet my brother who I moved a long time. So when I asked if I could meet a friend. I can get on my brother’s work place in about 30 minutes by bicycle, so I told you I should go from now. Because Chari had four friends and friends brothers. I also got permission from my parents and I went to see him. When I got to the workplace my friend’s big brother stood indoors in front of the door.

“It’s been a while.” It greeted me with a smile. It seems that parents got in touch with me. My friend’s older brother’s workplace is a room on the 7th floor of an 8-story building. When I got up with an elevator I was surprised, there was something like a plaster. I thought that I was going to work, but it seems to be a forgotten thing of the previous inhabitant.

But we have nothing to do with it, we were going FF 8 by four people till the end of my brother’s work. I was going crazy, but after my brother’s work was over, I got back to my friend’s house. The time at this point is 2 o’clock in the midnight. Since my friend’s brother is already dark and it is dangerous, I placed a chari and told me to return by my own car.

It was dark when I came and I insisted that there are four people so it’s okay. If by any chance there is something I’m in trouble and I will not yield. I did not want to inconvenience, and I kept pushing questions for a while. As a result I became amenable to the words of my older brother. Come together, let’s go home! I went out of the room and tried getting into the elevator.

Are you? It does not move. broken? I thought that, as my friend brother remembered. “Yes! Escalator did not work after 12 o’clock!” When. It is not an escalator. With that remark, four people except a friend’s brother “what!” I felt that Mandochsee descending the staircase was dripping bogoo. But as we have only to get off the stairs in order to go home, we decided to get off the stairs freely.

Here, since the outdoor stairs are closer to the parking lot where the car is stopped than the stairs in the room. I decided to use it and opened the heavy iron door following the outdoor staircase. When I opened the door, I went out to the stairway which was cold from the 8th floor to the 1st floor. I thought that it was really outdoors because it says outdoor stairs. I thought it was wrong, I thought about anything but I got off the stairs.

Because it was a narrow staircase, I was the leader, behind it my friend brother → 3 friends. I was lining down in line. So I got off the stairs and found the first incident. Those who have been making noise like idiots are quiet like idiots this time. I thought it was strange, but I did not care that I was too tired and tired. Actually I am also sleepy, so I wanted to go home soon.

So, I started to descend the stairs without worrying soon again, the next incident happens. Something started to make me laugh. Behind. It is not like “yabe” or “magi” I’m really just laughing, simply. I’m laughing loudly. It is disgusting with fluff and it’s noisy! He stopped and shouted. Then suddenly the scene and calm down. I heard a voice calling my name with a friend’s voice from behind. And at the same time my hand was placed on my shoulder.

There is no wonder whatsoever as it is. I can only say that my friends played around. But it is different. A hand on my shoulder. It was not just a shoulder. My countless hands were touched in my body. Because I am lining down in line. There is no one other than my brother in the back who can touch me. I realized for the first time what kind of situation I am now and started running.

But at the moment of escape, the chain of the pocket watch that had lowered from the waist caught on the railing of the stairs. I was torn down and dropped it. It was an important pocket watch of my grandfather’s memento, but I threw away such a thing and ran. From the back I run, the footsteps chasing me are echoing, I thought I was scared to die. Although I was scared, I ran and ran, I reached the first floor, opened the door and went outside.

Tears overflowed, as I went out aside the parking lot and were relieved to have escaped. Will my friends be all right, what was that. After thinking variously, the door from which I came opened, friends came out. Did you run around to your friends and you were OK? I heard that. Four people laughing “You are not okay are you.”

According to the story of my friends, the moment when I opened the door and went out to the stairs. It seems that I ran into full power as if I were crazy. When listening to the story I was stunned, my friend brother handed the pocket watch to me. When asked, “Where was it?”, He said “The moment you started running, it hung on the railing and it fell.” Funny. Everything is strange.

I am not running when I get off the stairs. As I got off the stairs and dropped the pocket watch for a while. There is no one falling on the first floor. But it all deviates from arguing with friends. Is it funny my head or my friends? Or is there something more different involved? That’s all. I am sorry for a long sentence/randomness. As this is the only fear experienced so far in my life. When I recall, I am still afraid and I am about to cry. I do not want to experience such that again.