Stalking Ghost

I’m not that new to the website but I have something also to share with all of you. I have to admit I think I saw a ghost once I’m not sure but I have heard things which are not explainable. I’m 14 now and I started experiencing things when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

I think it all started one night when I just couldn’t get to sleep so I just laid in bed thinking about nothing, for some reason I turned my head to see like a little girl curled up into like a ball leaning to the wall. I freaked! I quickly closed my eyes, turned the other way, and put the blankets over my head. I slowly started to get sleepy and I never talked about it again.

The next time I was in the bathroom washing my feet, then when I turned up and there was like someone looking though the window. I was so scared that I ran out and slipped because my feet were still wet. I told my mom but like all other parents she didn’t believe me. I forgot about it too, until the next time it happened when it did I was using the bathroom which made it even more embarrassing.

I ran out and told my dad this time, he did believe me. He got his flash light and I followed him to the back of the house. When we got there, there was no one there, or any foot prints. So I don’t know if it was some pervert who covered his footprints with dirt or if it was a ghost.

Well after that I moved, the next time this happened, I went to my grandmas house for like 3 hours, I forgot why though. Well when we came back we heard like this whirring sound coming from the kitchen. My dad went in first and it was the blender that was on. We quickly turned it off and checked if it was hot because if it was, then one of us must have left it on, but it wasn’t and no one was home except my dog but he can barely reach the chair.

The next time my mom was trying to open the door of the bathroom when the door forcibly shut from the inside which freaked her out but we excused it as the wind even though it couldn’t be stronger than my mom. Well that was then and was 13 when this happened, I went to stay at my grandmas house even though I hate her but my mom was in mexico right now. At 3 in the morning I was awake because I couldn’t get to sleep when suddenly I heard foot steps in the kitchen not regular ones. But like someone with high heels and like always I freaked, and went to sleep.

The next thing that happened was about 2 months ago when at like 2 in the morning I went to the bathroom while I was in there I heard foot steps in the kitchen but when I got there there was no one there. The next thing is when I was laying on my bed when I felt like someone rub their fingers on my back which creeped the hell out of me.

Well this is the last one and this happened like a week ago because I’m 14 now, I was at my aunts house when I was closing the bedroom door when like out of nowhere the door like pushed it self closed. I don’t know what’s going on but this follows me everywhere I go.