Standing Behind An Old Office

A few years back, around 1989 I was 12 years old, now 30. I was living in my dad’s house. Office, later was converted to a house. The house was owned by his boss. This incident happened on saturday evening about 2:00pm. My house doesn’t have water supply. Thus, we need to get the water from the factory nearby. It’s about 800m from the factory to my house.

It’s always a headache for us to pick the water from bucket and have to walk about 800m every time we need the water. My parent decided to used a plastic hose. We fixed the hose to the factory water tap and to my house to get the water. This is how we used to have water supply. On the particular day, first my mom went alone to the factory. She returned home and expected to get the water from the hose. It’s was not coming and my mom thought there was some leaking in somewhere. She insisted that me and my sister go and investigate why we didn’t get the water supply, even when she turned on the pipe tap.

We were lazy. We used our bicycles instead to go to the place (the place was always scary and behind my house is a muslim cemetery). While we were riding, we saw a woman dressed in indian costume standing near the big tree and there is a wide drain in between the factory and the tree. We are the only indian living there and no way any human being can enter that place as it was a very bushy area.

She looked very beautiful and standing at the corner of the office (just beside the factory). We were stunned. We slammed out our bicycle and ran all the way to home. We told our mom what happened. She was speechless and she also had gone through similar experiences when she entered to the factory. She heard someone calling ma, ma, ma (mom) in a male voice.

This is very very true story. I swear upon God that I saw that a young woman standing there. I never believed in ghost, from this incident onwards I started believed in ghost and the strange happenings. My other encounter was when I saw an very old and unusual tall man walking about 500 meters in front of me. I was on the way back from the temple. The time was about 2:00am, we had special prayers on the day and the temple is just walking distance.

Another one happened in the house I’m living now. Also considered as haunted, I always heard some noises in the middle of night. My dog keeping barking unconditionally at night and and I saw white smoke around my kitchen. Yesterday, I was in the bathroom taking a shower. Suddenly, my bathroom door was pulled by someone (it’s nearly open). I was stunned.

I grabbed my clothes and I screamed at my niece for pranking me. But she was in my living room playing with her little doll. No one at home. Only me and she. Ghosts exist. We can feel their existence. But they are not so strong as our beloved God. Trust him. Be brave when you happens to encounter such incident. Again forgave me for my english. Have nice day.