Strange House

After moving in to my new house six months ago it has come to my attention that there is something strange going on which has left me and my wife at our wits end and in need of some help. Me and my wife recently moved into our new house on 23rd of June 2007. On the day of the move my brother Rob helped us move are stuff and by 18:00 o’clock that evening we where moved in.

Because we were due to fly to Spain that night for a family holiday we simple dumped every thing into the lounge minus our beds and packed our suitcases, before leaving for the airport. As strange as this may seem but the holiday was pre booked and the exchange was completed on this day. Two weeks later when we arrived back home from our trip we discovered that our belongings had been moved around and destroyed.

The wardrobe which me and my brother had put into the lounge at the front of the house up against the wall had been knocked over and trashed along with a few boxes of plates which had been placed on the work surface in the kitchen. These seemed to have been thrown onto the kitchen floor. The strange thing was the boxes seem to have claw marks in them. One of the boxes was completely ripped to pieces.

To be fair this scared us, I don’t know if any of you know where Bexleyheath is but its not far from London and I can assure you there are no bears, wolves or anything with claws running around except maybe the mangy old foxes. Everything seemed fine for a couple of days after that. I went back to work fully charged and keen to get back into the swing of things and my wife who had booked another week off to sort out the house stayed home.

I got a phone call from my wife about 11 in the morning saying that while she was in the shower she had heard the bedroom door bang and footsteps along the hallway before hearing a knock on the bathroom door. Thinking it was me home early from work she called out for me to enter. The bathroom door swung open but there was no one there. Her calls where left unanswered. She was pretty shaken up by the incident.

That night when I arrived home from work I locked the porch door which was my custom before sitting down to eat dinner. Some time later the door bell started to ring profusely which seemed strange because it was on the front door not the porch which was locked. When I went to look it suddenly stopped. Going back to my dinner it began again until once more I reached the front door when it stopped.

This time, quiet freaked out, I decided to take the batteries out of the door bell which should have stopped it. It never and every time I got to the door it stopped. A few nights later when I was laying in bed waiting for my wife, who was in the bathroom, the light on the ceiling began to flicker before going completely out. Once the light came back on the light fitting was swinging in a frenzy. Seconds later my wife began screaming.

As I jumped out of bed and rushed to her aid she was hysterical saying she had seen a black shadowy figure in the mirror standing behind her and it had whispered in her ear that she was going to hell. While we were in the bathroom I became angry at these strange goings on and started to confront them only to hear what can only be described as growling followed by laughter.

From that night on my wife has refused to even set foot into the house prefering to stay with her mother. I too have now moved out, but on one occasion last week when I went back to make sure the house was tidy for a perspective buyer I saw what looked like an old English Red Coat, the like which faught in the war for independence in America. So far I have been unable to find any information on this whatsoever.