Strange Phone Begin to Come

As soon as I entered high school, I got caught in school because I was involved in a bit of trouble within my class. In the daytime at home, watching TV, playing games and taking care of my younger brother of age, I went to a neighborhood park and skateboarded at night and went to my friend’s house.

At one time, as usual my brother and two of us watched Tamori while eating meals. My mother was definitely a hospital and my brother and I were just two people. When finishing eating meal and watching Kozaki boat, my brother suddenly. “Oh, the telephone, I have to call you.” He said. At that time my brother was 4 years old.

“Where? Where? For who?”
“You ask me.”
“Phone, a mobile phone, a mobile phone.”

Repeatedly jumping out into the corridor where the telephone was placed. In a hurry, the younger brother stretched out his hand to the extent to which the phone was placed. “Hey, Take calls! Telephones!” I was making noise. “Who do you call, I wonder if mommy is coming home again?” I said, but this time.

“Telephone! Hayate! Call me!” I began to cry. While thinking of having come over, it was time to forcibly hold the younger brother and go back to the living room. The phone rang with a pulruleuru! The moment when I heard that sound.

“Telephone! A (brother)’s telephone!” It was terrible momentum raging. I grasped my little brother. “I got it. Please wait a bit, since I got older brother first.” I took the receiver while saying. “Yes, it is.”

“…Oh, that A-chan you ask.” It was the voice of a lady about 4 to 50 years old I did not hear. I am distrustful of what such a guy is for my 4-year old brother.
“Who are you, then?”

At about the same time I heard back and burst out. When I put the receiver while puzzled, my brother was looking at me with his face as Kyoton.
“What? Did you tell someone a lady number?”
“Did you try to call the lady man a while ago?” I asked, but.
“I do not know, I do not know, I do not want.” I did not know the truth with repeating.”

It was a number that I never saw in the local when I checked the number display. I tried calling back several times, but I do not have any signs of tying all the time. While I was doing it, my mother came home, so I explained the series of flows, so my mother did not seem to remember it, and I was awkward.

From that day on, I got a call from time to time that number. Even when my parents came out, they were cut as soon as they were hung up, and I was honest that my brother was making a noise calling “telephone!” I also moved the phone to a place that I can not reach even if I use a chair so that my younger brother will not answer the phone by mistake.

It was a brief story that I was speaking to say to the police soon for several weeks. In the daytime, when I was at the toilet, the telephone rang.” “On that day my mother was absent and I was alone with my brother.

Although I thought oh, that Baba maybe. “Well, my younger brother will not reach the phone, and I will wait” as it is waiting for the ringing tone to stop ringing. “Hello? Hello?” I heard my brother’s voice. I was surprised and pulled the line when I got out of the toilet, the telephone was falling on the floor together with the main body. Next to that, my younger brother seemed happy.

“Yeah, that’s right. Please come and play.” I was calling. From that day on, my younger brother is making a noise calling “Mobile Phone!”, And there are no phone calls from unknown numbers. The telephone number is also being used now because it is busy. Seven years have passed since then. My brother does not seem to be at all remembered. Every time I told my parents, I’m sighing with a feeling like “lie”.