Strange Photograph

My story is about strange happenings involves a photograph. This happened two years ago. I was alone in the house, having a cup of coffe in front of the TV. I have a table in my living room with several framed photos of relatives etc. This table was far away from me. There was no one in the room, not even my cats, apart from me.

All of a sudden one of this photos fell and crashed on the glass table without anybody touching it. It gave me a shock. I got up and put it together, as the glass came out of it. In this photograph was my dead grandmother, my father, also dead, and my aunt and uncle when they were little. I assumed it was my dad or my gran coming to say hello.

So I said hello mentally, and try to put the whole episode at the back on my mind, although a nagging thought was in my mind, why did that happened? why now? The photograph had been in its place for many years. Everything always happens for a reason. Anyway, two weeks went past, and then I received a call from my aunt telling me my uncle was dead (the one in the photo).

My uncle had been separated from his wife for many years, and he went to live in South America and didn’t have much contact with the rest of the family, so no one in the the family knew he was dead. He had died about two weeks earlier of a heart attack.

The people at the consulate had to go through his papers and found a contact address, a letter from my aunt, and got in touch with her to tell her he had died. At the time the photo crashed on the table he had died and nobody knew. Was this his way to attract attention to himself, or to say goodbye? Too much of a coincidence, don’t you think?